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Leading the world in quality and innovation with our custom seat covers and accessories. Fia, the leader in Custom Fit.

With the major focus on the end user, Fia has developed innovative designs in both interior and exterior custom accessories.

Irv Applebaum
CEO, Fia Inc.
  • I received my Wrangler Saddle Blanket Seat Covers for my pickup truck and am very impressed with them. They are beautiful and easily installed. I have shown them around and have received interest in purchasing sets for their autos and I hope they will. Thank you for your product.
    Bryan P.
    Middleburg, FL
  • Purchased front and back NEO Seat Covers (Neoprene) for my 2011 Toyota Tacoma (Double cab). The craftsmanship of the seat covers is outstanding! Seems, zippers, and cutouts for latches and other seat parts was perfectly placed. I was expecting a really good product but this sort of blew my expectations out of the water. They look like custom built seats, not seat covers. The installation was about as easy as you can get. It took me 40 minutes to install the front and back seats in 20 degree winter weather, so I was moving a bit slow. After installing onetime, I honestly think you could get the install time down to about 20 minutes or less. Very easy, no tools, no removal of seats or brackets. Highly recommend, worth every penny.
    Noah C
    Cedar, MI
  • Fit my 2018 GMC 2500 Denali prefect Easy to install. After making paper template. Be nice if one was included…
    TC Canada
    Combermere, Ontario
  • Perfect fit Got this for my 15 Chevy 2500hd even with aftermarket grill fits like a glove. Just don’t put it on in the cold if your using the sticky snaps. They won’t hold well in the cold.
    Tablerock C
  • Grill coverI love it helps in winter to keep truck warmer engine happy
    Allen D
  • Winter Guard Custom fit for my 2019 RAM Bighorn. Incredibly easy to install, looks awesome, has proven to be very valuable with temperatures dropping into single digits. Well worth the investment for sure.
    Keith R
  • It fit great, and looks great, installed in 15 min or less!
  • The fit and finish of the cover is great. It helps the diesel warm up quicker and maintain a better temp especially around town. The vents allow adequate air flow if running at highway speed. It was a cinch to install using the bug screen as a template. My wife and I with a hair dryer to warm the surface to applied the stick-on, no-drill Fia Winter Grill Cover and Bug Screensnaps in about 30-minutes.
  • Greatly Satisfied Easy installation, easy changing, simply great!
  • F250 Winter Grill Cover & Bug screen I ordered my Winter Grill Cover. It was easy to install an looks awesome on my truck. Most important, my 7.3L Diesel engine starts easier and warms up faster. Bottom Line: I'm ordering one for each of my nephews for Christmas!
    Barry V
  • Chill blocker! I was pleasantly surprised to find a pre-made cold weather radiator cover for my 1983 Ford F-250. The product performed extremely well, as the Ford 460 has a difficult time heating up even to operating temperature in cold weather conditions. The cooling flaps worked great as the temps rise during the day
  • if all the stick a studs were present I could actually install it. Other than that, it's a good product
  • The seat covers fit perfectly and look as good as the original seat covers. They are very comfortable. The installation required a little adjustment and took about 3 hours.
    Gary E
    Rapid City, SD
  • I have had several sets of Wrangler Saddle blanket seat covers for my 2010 Toyota Tundra SR5 Double Cab. They are tough good looking . I would have given them a 5 star rating but the one complaint I have is the thinner material on the seat sides and front especially on the driver seat as the thinner material pull away from the sides on the seat. If I could order just the driver's seat cover alone it would be great but you have to order the 2 bucket seats so you have the passenger side which you don't need. Myself I would think it would be a good idea if the drivers seat was made completely of the saddle blanket material as obviously it's the one used the most. Jim Kerr Surrey BC.
    Jim kerr
    Surrey, British Columbia
  • I do so love the look of my new seatcovers. The blue is the same as my exterior paint and the black is a touch of class. Fit is so tight they were a bit hard to install but certainly dress it up. Hope they wear well as I have a horse-between the barn dirt and jeans I need to protect my seats.
    Martha J
    Batavia, IL
  • I bought the Fia LeatherLite seat covers for my 2019 Chevy Silverado, and they fit like a glove! Fairly easy installation and they look great, nice and form fitting over the factory seats, and great protection.
    Scott G
    Concord, CA
  • So GLAD I bought them . Quality I love these seat covers ! I'm not worried about my seat dirty ... all I have to do is wipe it off easily . The covers are so professionally made with quality and beauty !!! High quality ! A must buy My Toyota Tacoma is certainly looking great
    James G
    Ridley Park, PA
  • Good fit Didn't take to long to install. We will have to wait an see how well they hold up. The materials seems good
    Stuart hoffman H
    Kearney, NE
  • great product After getting my seatcovers installed and used for a few days, my husband wanted the website to order covers for his vehicle!!! They are great looking and you slide easily on them to get out of the car.
    Pamela C
    Delphos, OH
  • Perfect match to F150 Second time I've purchased these seat covers. They look like they are part of OEM supply and a perfect match to interior trim. Last set on previous truck had 3 years of use and looked like new.
    Greg N
    Uniontown, OH
  • These covers are a higher quality than I had expected. They are a bit pricey, however, in hindsight, I would buy them again. They were a little challenging putting them on, but it is worth the little extra grunting to achieve a perfect fit. They do fit perfectly on my Canyon Denali. Great product!
    Dennis R
    Auburn, NY
  • great product After getting my seatcovers installed and used for a few days, my husband wanted the website to order covers for his vehicle!!! They are great looking and you slide easily on them to get out of the car.
    Pamela C
    Delphos, OH
  • Good seat cover These are semi custom covers that fit well and look good. They conform to the bucket seats pretty well and lay flat where appropriate. I made a small cut in the drivers seat cover for the drivers lumber knob, as the cover did not come pre-slit. Customer service assured me that slicing it a bit would not hurt anything. Worked fine and looks good. Would have rated them higher, but they are newly installed and don't know about longevity. Easy to install if your hands and arms are not too big. 2015 Toyota Tacoma
    Jeff R
    Crescent City, CA
  • very nice fit looks factory stock very pleased
    anthony l (JOLIET, IL)
  • Purchased Fia seat covers for my 2018 Jeep Wrangler JK to protect the factory cloth seats and was surprised with the quality and super fit. Looks and feels like factory leather seats, I will have to admit they took me approximately 45 minutes to install but it was worth the effort.
    Paul Moore
  • Just got and installed my SL68-22 and SL62-25 LeatherLite Seat Covers yesterday for my 2009 Silverado. VERY happy with them, material is very nice and quality seems to be great. I already know they will last a long time because I have a older set that was ordered from this company that were purchased back in 2009 and they are still in good condition, only reason I purchased new ones is because I wanted a leather sporty look to my interior. If anyone is ever looking for seat covers I would 100% recommend this company, you will be paying a couple hundred for a set but they will last a very long time.
    Dylan Kines
    Winnipeg, MB
  • Specifically, these covers were SP89-43 Black for a 2019 Toyota Tacoma four-door pickup. First of all, get your Zen on before installing. (It might also be a good idea to schedule an appointment with your chiropractor for a post-installation adjustment.) Second, have a 6'-8' piece of RG-6 coax cable at the ready. Fold the coax in half, and attach the seat tie-downs to the crook of the fold in the coax, and then feed that under the seat. (Beats the hell out of the multiple hand lacerations you'll get as you try to maneuver your sightless way around the sharp metal protrusions and wire harnesses under the front seats of a Tacoma.) I believe that, in general, automobile seat cover installation is a royal pain in the ass, no matter who manufactures the covers. The key to saving time and avoiding aggravation for me was the piece of RG-6 coax cable that allowed me to feed the ties under the seat. To reiterate, this was my experience with a 2019 Tacoma. The end result was two hours I'll never get back, and my front seats protected by some decent-looking and decent-fitting seat covers. Just know that this is not a quick and easy task, it requires lots of patience.
    Jim Robinson
    Bakersfield, CA
  • Grill covers on my '91 Ford 250 provided great service and protection from rocks and bugs for 30 years in Northern Ontario conditions.
    Douglas Hope
    Desbarats , Ontario
  • Very satisfied. Reviewed for a 2020 Toyota Tacoma — Apr 02, 2020 9:33 AM Not the easiest installation but the look and feel and great. One thing I didn't realize--that I was hoping for--was that the back of seats weren't the leatherlite fabric as well, but cloth. My son's dirty feet are still gunna be a headache. Overall, very satisfied though!
    Michael S.
    Santa Cruz, CA
  • My Husbands Gift The covers are highly quality and extremely comfortable. They match the interior perfectly., this was the perfect gift for my husband. My son helped him install them and once completed, he decided he is going to Order a set for himself ( he has the same truck). The only recommendation I could suggest would be to add a better guide to installing them. My husband is so very hard to buy for and he told me this was the perfect gift.
    Janet T K
    Goldsboro, NC
  • Game Changer These covers take time and patience but the end result is a well fit custom seat cover that completely changes the look and feel of your ride. They're comfortable and look clean and sporty as hell. I have no regrets. Just know that the install takes some effort by someone that has patience. The end result is very worth it.
    David G.
    Anderson, IN
  • Front Seat Covering Reviewed for a 2013 Ford F-150 — Apr 14, 2020 7:34 PM Extremely easy to install. It took longer to remove the old seat covers than it did to install the new ones. Great fit and on the seats and the center console. I was worried that the center console covering would not fit, because the old one didn't. The center console cover fits and looks wonderful.. I waited to see how well the front seat covers would look and fit before ordering the rear seat covers. Just ordered the rear covers. Well worth the price.
    Arnold F
    Lansing, MI
  • Great seat cover Reviewed for a 2009 Ford F-250 — Jan 31, 2020 11:52 AM I searched around for seat covers for my f250 and bought the fia seat cover. The quality is good, the installation process was not complicated. For the price it was a good purchase. Happy i bought them. Would recommend.
    Omar S
    Kenner, LA
  • Excellant Seat covers. Review by Susan B. on 25 Sep 2016review stating Excellant Seat covers.This is the second set of FIA seat covers I have owned. I bought the first set of FIAs from Cabela's and they lasted ten years before the driver's side wore out. Cabela's didn't carry them any more but Real Truck did. They are the exact same design and color as my original set, but with improved attachments. They are easy to install with a little Read more about review stating Excellant Seat covers.wrist twisting and they fit like a glove. I now have an extra seat cover from my old set in case the driver's side wears out again, which I don't expect to happen any time soon. They will last me until I buy a new truck.
  • Seat covers are very nice . They where easy to install. They make the truck look very classy and clean. Thank you .
  • Great Fit, Easy Install Review by Ryan on 19 Jun 2019review stating Great Fit, Easy InstallI actually bought 2-sets of seat covers at the same time. These from RT and custom molded from Coverking that was double the cost. These fit the best.
  • 2005 Dodge Ram 2500 SLT Review by Regg on 11 Jan 2020review stating 2005 Dodge Ram 2500 SLTReally love these covers. Comes with all you need and good instructions. Although you can put these on (at least the front) without removing the seats... I went ahead and pulled all mine out. Much easier plus it gave me a chance to really shampoo the carpet and clean the interior. Man these made a world of difference. Highly recommend.
  • great seat covers Review by Phil C. on 18 Nov 2019review stating great seat coversSeat covers are well made fit & look great install was fairly easy would highly reccomend
  • Pleasantly surprised Review by Tony on 23 Jan 2020review stating Pleasantly surprisedThe seat covers are nicer than I expected. Possibly nicer looking and more comfortable than the original upholstery! The fit is excellent. The latch to the center consul is a little tight because the extra layer of fabric. But overall very pleased with the product.
  • I love these seat covers. They look awesome in my truck. The back seats were the hardest to install because the back does not move on the back seat
  • Fia leather lite seat covers Review by William on 13 Apr 2020review stating Fia leather lite seat coversSeat covers fit perfectly and the installation was very easy.It took about one hour to install.
  • High quality at play here! They look exactly like factory leather seats Review by MATTHEW on 23 Apr 2020review stating High quality at play here! They look exactly like factory leather seatsHighly recommended! I have never had any seat cover make the interior of a vehicle look so darn good! And the seats are more comfortable, I couldn't be happier with the ease of installation and the result. Seriously, they look like leather seats from the factory if not better, I bought a set for both my daughters vehicles also just because they loRead more about review stating High quality at play here! They look exactly like factory leather seatsok so damm good! Matt
  • Great Loki g seat covera Review by Mary J. on 2 Jan 2017review stating Great Loki g seat coveraThese are snazzy covers, a skin tight fit, and look great. Time will tell how they resist doggie toes, but they feel like high quality. If they didn't fit so well, they wouldn't have been such a stretch to install. But a little work is worth a great fit.
  • Fia Leather Lite Seat Covers Review by Luis on 31 Mar 2020review stating Fia Leather Lite Seat CoversReally nice look and quality. I recommend.
  • Great covers Review by John B. on 8 Jan 2020review stating Great coversGreat seat covers that are easy to install. A little pricey but not out of line with others with equal quality. Work well with heated seats.
  • 2012 Silverado Review by Jeff on 25 Mar 2020review stating 2012 SilveradoGreat seat covers. Very well made and great quality. Installation instructions aren't great, but was able to figure it out.
  • 2020 tacoma eletric adjust seat FIA covers Review by Tom on 18 Dec 2019review stating 2020 tacoma eletric adjust seat FIA coversawesome fit!!! easy install!! these were installed on a 2020 tacoma sr5 with driver's electric adjustable seat. they look and feel great!! great job FIA!!
  • Nice sear covers Review by James on 24 Apr 2020review stating Nice sear coversWe got the Fia seat covers for our 2020 Ford F-250. They fit great and are a high quality item. The instalation instructions were lacking but, being and old machanic I was able to make sense of it. They could have been more detailed. If you want to take care of your investment, these are the covers for you.
  • Seat covers fit awesome! Looks Review by Haley on 10 Mar 2020review stating Seat covers fit awesome! LooksSeat covers fit awesome! Looks like my real seats. They took over a month to get to my house which was upsetting and putting them on is a little tricky but overall I am super happy with the outcome of the look.
  • Impressive seat covers! Review by George S. on 22 Nov 2019review stating Impressive seat covers!I am extremely pleased with my new covers. They fit, feel and look great! Nicer than the original seats that came with truck. Unless you look closely you wouldn’t notice they were covers.
    George S
  • Nice covers Review by Frank on 4 Apr 2020review stating Nice coversThis is the first time I have ever bought and installed seat covers for any vehicle I have owned. They look nice and have already saved the seats from a muddy pawed dog and 2 kids. Installation was a bit tedious, but came out well with a little patience. The video had me prepared to remove the rear seat, but luckily that was not the case for my trRead more about review stating Nice coversuck...Phewww! The covers fit nice and tight, look really good and my kids haven't been able to trash them yet.
  • Fia Wrangler Seat Covers. Review by Kelly F. on 20 Jul 2019review stating Fia Wrangler Seat Covers.2007 Toyota Tundra. Very good fit. Seem to be sturdy. Looks nice. If your 67 they take awhile to put on.
  • Great seat covers Review by Edwin on 14 Mar 2020review stating Great seat coversI ordered these based on the reviews. They were right, these are great seat covers. They installed easily and were a perfect fit in my 2011 Silverado LS. Super pleased.
  • Great seat covers that require Review by Donald C. on 21 Feb 2020review stating Great seat covers that require additional help in securing the under seat straps. Rear covers require seat removal on 2019 RAM 1500 Quad Cab truck...just no way to secure straps. Otherwise great seat covers and would buy again and again.
    Donald C.
  • 2016 silverado wt seat covers Review by Dennis S. on 5 Aug 2017review stating 2016 silverado wt seat coversnice seat covers for my vinyl seats in 1500 wt . a little more complicated than the installation video shows. seems like nice covers, but seems like they are overpriced, although i was shocked at how much seats covers cost these days. i will be happy if my seat covers last for many years.they are good looking.they are a lot cooler than my vinyl seRead more about review stating 2016 silverado wt seat coversats on a hot,summer day.
  • With these covers you loose Review by David on 19 Feb 2020review stating With these covers you looseWith these covers you loose the storage room in the back of the front seats, I put them in my 2011 Silverado. They look good, fit ok.
  • Great quality, looks great Review by Colleen S. on 26 Nov 2016review stating Great quality, looks greatPurchased for my 2016 Ford 250 crew cab, interior color beige (I purchased the tan/brown seat covers). These are quality covers, I'm glad I got them. I needed covers that are strong and not flimsy - yet still comfortable - and these seat covers do the trick. The material has a sturdy quality with helpful padding built into the seat and baRead more about review stating Great quality, looks greatck. I love this feature. It's just the right amount of padding, too. Be careful when installing the covers due to sharp edges of metal seat parts under the seats. Both my husband and I cut up our hands in the process. (Not a great design by Ford, IMO.)
  • Seat covers Review by Charles on 18 Feb 2020review stating Seat coversLook great. Fit great Will definitely purchase another product from this company.
  • Great quality
  • Better than expected! Review by Brad H. on 11 Jan 2018review stating Better than expected!Covers are great! I'm amazed at how well they fit to the contours of my seats. They have been installed for 2 months now and have not shifted at all. I don't have to give them any type of readjusting at all. Very comfortable and durable leather look covers for the money, I only wish the back seat cover was as affordable as the front two. Overall, Read more about review stating Better than expected!I'm extremely pleased. Shipped sooner than expected also.
  • Great covers Review by BigT56 on 22 Mar 2020review stating Great coversThese covers are great. I installed them in my dodge ram 05 they fit nice and snug with the straps and buckle clips. I found the easiest way to do the back seat without removing the seat is I tied the straps from the backrest a bungee cord and then fish it down the back of seat worked like a charm
  • Great covers! Review by Adam on 27 Sep 2019review stating Great covers!I’m really pleased with this purchase. In the past I’ve always settled for whatever was available at the local store off the shelf. But after upgrading my work van to something newer I wanted to try a better fitting seat cover. I was still hesitant especially when they’re $100 each. They are a seat and a back 2 piece set that fits like a glove andRead more about review stating Great covers! like other reviews have stated are actually a bit nicer that the factory seat fabric as they have additional padding and stitching. I order the OEM looking style and most people don’t realize they are covers at first and just comment that the van has nice seats. I like them.
  • Makes my old truck look new Review by Abel S. on 2 Apr 2018review stating Makes my old truck look newThe seat covers look and feel great. They fit perfectly to my bucket seats and strap on securely so they don't slip off when you get in and out. There were two problems on installation of the headrest covers. 1) There were no openings in the seat back for the headrest. I had to punch holes with a knife and insert the headrest through the holes. DiRead more about review stating Makes my old truck look newdn't like cutting the fabric but no way to put the headrest in otherwise. 2) The headrest slipcovers are very snug but I wasn't able to stretch it to secure the velcro. There's about a 1 inch gap. I tried using vice grips and pliers to stretch it but I didn't want to tear the fabric. So they fit snug, but the velcro doesn't come together. All-in-all, I am still happy with how they turned out.
  • recently bought seat covers for my new Ford F150 seat covers fit great but i am pretty mechanical but that middle console pieces are a mystery. Send some pictures with instructions next time
    Keith Frey
    York, PA
  • Fit perfectly! Review by Stephanie on 27 May 2019review stating Fit perfectly!I love my Fia Wrangler Seat Covers! I put them in my Dodge Ram 1500. They fit like a glove. They were not that difficult to install, took maybe half an hour. I have had them about 4 months now and they are holding up very well. They don't slip and they look just as good as when I first put them in! They are very hardy and made very well! You won'tRead more about review stating Fit perfectly! be disappointed!
  • Covers are nice, material seems Review by Vance on 15 May 2019review stating Covers are nice, material seemsCovers are nice, material seems to be good quality, easy to install, seat cover could have better placement of straps to attach, sides are somewhat awkward to connect. Overall good quality, we will see how they hold up to everyday use.
  • 2008 Silverado a little pricey, but fit like a glove and good quality. if your expecting real leather this isn't it. but for me i'm covering my seats which are more like plastic/leather themselves so they seem perfect. I'm happy and would buy again if needed
    Glen M. Elliott
  • Easy install November 2, 2018 Excellent fits perfect Easy install Waiting for rear bench I’m sure they will great also
    TSS Glass
  • Chevy 2019 seat covers These are nice seat covers! I wanted to protect my front seats on my new truck and these fit the bill perfectly. Great fit and easy to install. Glad I made the purchase.
  • Great seat covers I was hesitant to order such expensive seat covers because I was expecting something similar to what you get from AutoZone. I could not have been more wrong. These covers fit like a glove. I’ve had them on for about four months now and they don’t move or twist around. They look like the truck was reupholstered. They hold up really well. Wish I had got them sooner. I would definitely buy them again. Read Less
    Jordan M
  • Seat covers Changed the look and feel of my truck. Very pleased with them.
    Nic H
  • Love these covers They look and feel just like leather. They have dramatically changed the appearance of my truck interior. I highly recommend!
  • great quality
    Harold M
  • I am very pleased with both the look and feel of these seat covers. They fit well, were easy to install and they upgraded the interior appearance of my F150. I love them!
  • Worth the wait Took a long time to get but worth the wait! Great product, Very well made.
  • I love these seat covers. They look awesome in my truck. The back seats were the hardest to install because the back does not move on the back seat
  • Got my Wrangler seat covers today and I am very pleased with them. really easy to put on and they fix like a glove on my 1983 ford f-250 original bench seat . 100% better than what I was expecting to get , sometimes the product you order is not near as good as the company claims it to be . Only one little suggestion the velcro straps on the top cover could be about an inch longer, still, I will be ordering from your company again
    Dee A McMahan
    Sedro Woolley, Washington
  • I would most defintly buy this again if I needed them again. I was at first confused with ALL the covers, but realized I had the back seat where the back does NOT fold down. As I looked at the covers I figured out what went where, and they were a perfect fit for my 2016 ram big horn. It was a bit hard to force the straps behind the seat for the buckle process, but it was well worth the whole deal ! I just LOVE them... They look better than the factory seats and with more protection and sexiness.
    Tammy Mandalke
    Stanley, WI
  • Fia OE Seat Covers-Front I just installed these in my 2018 Nissan Frontier. The fit is excellent. I could no be happier with the quality of these covers. The Nissan interior is sorta bland with most everything inside being grey. I ordered the Charcoal color and it really gives the interior some color and depth.
    James Droddy
    Arden, North Carolina
  • These covers not only offer great protection but actually look better than the original seats. Great quality and should last as long the truck.
    Michael R
    Austin, TX
  • Just what I wanted
    Bruce L
    Holly, MI
  • I'm very pleased with this grill cover. Very easily installed I had used a heat gun to preheat before installing, snaps worked sweet. Thanks for the well made product.
    Eagle, Wisconsin
  • Best seat covers yet! 1 hour install, nice custom fit, and reasonable price. Very durable material.
    Douglas Clark
    Spruce Grove, AB
  • GOOD SEAT COVERS! I like the fabric. Good heavy material. If you use on a F-150 the covers cover up the seat controls on the side. Other than that they are a great product.
  • GREAT SEAT COVERS! My truck is a Dodge Ram 3500. I only bought the front seat covers. So far they seem to be great. I have had them for a month or so. Easy to put on very tight fit. Hope they wear well. Will be giving them a workout come hunting season!
    Hamilton, MT
  • I was unsure about how well these seat covers would work, but once I received them and started putting them on they fit reallly well.
    Steven W
    Northern CA
  • Easy to put on and fits great.
  • Great customer service, good product, great fit!
    Independence, VA
  • Very happy with the fit and looks of these seat covers. I will definitely look at this company for seat covers for my other vehicles.
    Southern Oregon
  • I am overall pleased, when ordered I felt the price was a little high, but after receiving it, I saw that it was good quality and worth the money.
    Harry M
    Lake Grove, NY
  • This installation is easy as pie! Very idiot proof! Hopefully it will serve its full purpose this winter and make me proud of my decision to purchase this cover! But so far so good.
    Janeen M
    Bristow, NE
  • It looks much better than I was expecting. The fit between the bug screen and winter grille cover isn't exact which causes a bit of some sizing issues, but otherwise it works good!
    Grant N
    Horace, ND
  • Looks good, easy to install. I do not care for the stick on snaps, but they work great.
    Ty W
    Chattaroy, WA
  • I owned a 91 Dodge Cummins and had one and it was so great for summer and winter. I ordered another one for my 99 Dodge but it took me 12 years to realize how much I missed it. The engine warms up better in the winter and the doors are easy in cold weather to control the engine temp on long trips. The bug screen is very durable and never ripped on my first one and it catches new bugs for fly fishing. I must say though I threw the stick-on snaps away and bought locally steel snaps and screwed them on.
    Richard H
    Fort Collins, CO
  • Have an '04 F-250, 6.0L Power Stroke Diesel that takes very long in winter to get to operating temp. I bought this grill cover and it fits like a glove and looks great. Now the engine gets to temp more quickly.
    Richard B
    Grosse Ile, MI
  • Really helps the engine warm-up on those cold winter days.
    Howard B
    Brackettville, TX
  • Would like to see two more buttons in the middle, horizontally. Have not ran it through the car wash yet.
    George F
    Imlay City, MI
  • Very good quality and well made. Only problem is that I have never been a big fan of stick on snaps. Under the right conditions I am sure they work well, but with a textured grill they do not work well. Can't beat the screw on snaps...that would have made this product rate excellent over all...
    Darrel K
    Cozad, NE
  • I installed the Fia cover on my '05 Chevy Duramax and it was an easy install. Instructions were plain and simple. Running the cover right now in the winter, the truck warms up quicker and doesn't cool off as fast when you're decelerating down hill or shut down for a while. As far as fuel economy its helped to get between 1-3 more mpgs just with keeping it warmer.
    Justin V
    Middleburg, PA
  • Easy to install in less than 30 minutes. Looks good on the vehicle.
    Keith W
    Taylorville, IL
  • I purchased a set of the "Leather Lite" covers for my 2007 Ford Ranger. I got the two tone (Grey and Black). Color match was perfect for my interior. My son helped me install them. Took us about 20 mins. They look great. My only issue was the fitting around the head rest. We still have some wrinkles that we can't get out. These covers don't seem to fit as tight as the rest of them. The bottoms fit perfect and the cover for the arm rest cover fits perfect. In my opinion, it's a good addition for a good price. A lot cheaper than a full interior re-do.
    Bill Phelps
    Portsmouth, VA
  • PRAISE! PRAISE! PRAISE! I have lived in Fairbanks Alaska for over 17 years. I have seen a lot of ways to cover your grill to help your engine reach and maintain operating temperature while driving. One week after installing the grill cover, the temperature dropped to -30 F through -55 F degrees for 2 weeks. The grill cover worked like a charm. Better than anything I have ever used before. The ease of installation is out of this world. The Fia front grill cover is attractive and professional looking. I will recommend this product to everyone. I work for the longest independent Tire dealership in The State of Alaska. So you will be receiving a lot of recommendations through me. The adage you get what you pay for is well proven here!
    Clayton B
    Fairbanks, AK

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