3 Ways To Maintain and Protect Your Truck’s Grille

3 Ways To Maintain and Protect Your Truck’s Grille

Your truck’s grille is far more important than you might think. The grille allows airflow into the engine bay of the truck, cooling the radiator and other essential components. This airflow keeps the mechanisms of your truck running at their optimal temperature.

Without proper care, the grille can become clogged, restricting airflow into the engine bay. Here are three ways you should maintain and protect your truck’s grille.

Know When It’s Time for a Scrub

Anytime you drive anywhere, you will likely end up with some bugs and dirt on the front of your truck. However, that doesn’t mean your grille is clogged.

Properly caring for your truck’s grille includes knowing when it’s time for a cleaning. If your grille is excessively caked in dead insects or mud, you need to clean it promptly. Once air can no longer flow easily through the grille, it is time to clean it.

Clean It When Necessary

Cleaning your truck’s grille is an essential way to maintain and protect the radiator and engine. Once you’ve identified that your truck’s grille needs cleaning, you’ll need to get scrubbing.

Use a soft brush and car shampoo. Mix the shampoo according to the directions on the package and load your brush with the solution. Scrub gently so that you do not scratch the grille’s finish.

Use Preventative Measures

Cleaning the grille is one of the hardest parts of washing your truck. Consider installing a bug screen to reduce the need to clean. Grille covers for trucks fit over your grille easily.

This custom-fit model from our Fia designers is both a winter front and a bug screen, so you’re getting far more bang for your buck. The bug screen is a simple mesh material that fits over your truck’s grille. This prevents most bug guts from clogging up the grille and simplifies cleaning while allowing plenty of airflow into the engine.

The winter front is the perfect addition for the chillier months. Our favorite features are the improved fuel economy and the warmer truck cab!

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