4 Misconceptions About Leatherette Seat Covers

4 Misconceptions About Leatherette Seat Covers

It’s normal for there to be incorrect assumptions floating around about alternative leather seat covers. After all, they don’t have the most appealing title, which is already a strike against them.

However, until you have tried them, it’s hard to make an accurate observation about how beneficial they are. Below are four misconceptions about leatherette seat covers that misrepresent leatherette seat covers, as well as explanations about the truth behind each of these myths.

They Are Low Quality

The overall quality of leatherette has been called into question over time by many skeptics. Although these people may believe that no other material could come close to accurately representing leather, the fact remains that this fabric has come a long way over the years.

Modern leatherette is very high quality and resistant to almost everything. This leaves it looking like new for years before it starts showing signs of wear.

They Split and Crack

Because of its high resistance, leatherette also has a high level of elasticity that allows it to take a lot of damage. This preserves the overall integrity of the material and prevents any breakage.

You will never see leatherette split and crack. It has a high-density polymer structure that will not give or crack under pressure, heat, or time.

They Stains and Absorb Liquids

As many people already know, leather is not resistant to water or liquids of any kind. It will absorb dirt and liquids easily, making it extremely susceptible to staining. Leatherette, or simulated leather seat covers, on the other hand, are completely resistant to any liquids or stains and wipes clean with no problem.

They Emit Toxic Fumes

One of the more concerning things that have been said about leatherette is that it can begin to emit toxic fumes over time. However, you can rest assured that this could not be further from the truth, as the quality manufacturing that goes into producing this material makes this impossible.

To compete with real leather, leatherette must be of the highest grade and quality, which is why it has remained so popular among many customers who will defend its integrity.

Now that you know the truth about leatherette and leatherette seat covers, you can stop the spread of misinformation about this material. And you can start sharing these top for misconceptions about leatherette seat covers with others to help clear the material’s name.

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