4 Techniques To Keep Seat Covers From Sliding

4 Techniques To Keep Seat Covers From Sliding

Car seat covers are supposed to feel comfortable, but you can’t feel at ease when the fabric is bunched up and sliding all over the place. Try these techniques to keep your car’s seat covers from sliding while driving.

Keep Dirt and Debris Off of the Seats

Seat covers have two main purposes: to freshen up the car’s look and protect the original seats. Dirt and stains will inevitably accumulate, but excessive messes can increase the likelihood of slipping seat covers.

The trick to solving this predicament is to keep the seat covers clean. Regularly vacuum dirt and debris. If needed, hand wash the seat covers to return them to their former condition.

Tighten the Seat Covers Around the Headrest

Frequent driving can cause the seat covers to droop. The longer the drive, the more likely the material will slide around. One of the best ways to fix a slumped seat cover is to tighten the material at the top. Pull it around the headrest firmly to tighten those pesky bunches of fabric.

Place a Non-Slip Mat Beneath the Seat

Some people recommend tucking the excess fabric underneath the seats. If you want the seat covers to stay sturdy and taut, another solution is to place a small mat beneath the seats.

Non-slip mats are designed to grip surfaces. Pull the material tight at the headrest, and add the mat into place atop any extra fabric. Now, you can enjoy the additional security of your seat covers!

Remeasure the Seats and Invest in High-Quality Covers

Car owners typically struggle with sliding seat covers because they’re the wrong size. Excess fabric makes it more likely to shift out of place. If the techniques listed above don’t meet your expectations, invest in new, high-quality seat covers.

Measure the seats to determine their dimensions. Then, browse Fia’s selection of incredible seat covers to find the right one. They are available in custom or universal fits designed for trucks, vans, SUVs, and CUVs. Fia seat covers are unique because of their slip-resistant fastening system. The belt and buckle fasteners ensure a secure fit that won’t move as you drive.

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