4 Tips for Protecting Leather Seats From Baby Car Seats

4 Tips for Protecting Leather Seats From Baby Car Seats

The constant weight of a car seat paired with the plastic scooching around will damage the leather of your truck’s seats. It’s more prone to cracking and losing its luster, but you can retain luxurious leather seats under your baby car seats. These four tips to protect leather seats from baby car seats will help!

Perform Frequent Cleaning and Conditioning

Although leather is tough, it needs cleaning and conditioning at least every three months. It’s no secret that babies can make surprisingly big messes, so this step will immensely help you maintain the quality of your vehicle’s seats.

Start by taking the car seat out of your vehicle. You’ll likely find crumbs and grime in its wake, so vacuum the leather seats, then follow up with a leather cleaning solution to eliminate bacteria and stubborn stains.

Once the seats are clean and dry, it’s time to apply the leather conditioner. The treatment will moisturize the parched material and reduce the likelihood of cracking.

Place a Towel Underneath the Car Seat

How many towels do you own? All you need is one to lessen the impact of the car seat on the leather!

Fold a thick towel and lay it flat beneath the car seat. This easy resolution can decrease the impact of the car seat and prevent the leather from cracking. The towel will also catch any liquid your child spills! Choose a towel that matches the shade of the leather seats. It will blend into your truck’s cabin and won’t be so obvious.

Alternate the Location of the Car Seat

It’s easiest to leave the car seat in the same spot because you don’t have to struggle with securing it, which ensures your child’s safety.

However, a great tip for protecting leather seats from your baby’s car seat is to switch up the location of the baby seat. Once a month, alternate the car seat from the passenger side to the driver’s side.

This strategy will even out the pressure on the leather seats. One side won’t suffer the bulk of the impact. Instead, the entire backseat will look good, especially when you perform frequent cleaning and conditioning and add the protection of a towel.

Install Simulated Leather Seat Covers

If you worry about the leather seats in your vehicle, you may benefit from simulated leather seat covers. The thick material will protect the leather underneath. When your precious baby outgrows their car seat, you can remove the covers to reveal the high-quality leather seats!

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