4 Ways To Get Your Truck Ready for Warmer Weather

4 Ways To Get Your Truck Ready for Warmer Weather

When the seasons change from spring to summer, you’ll start to notice a lot of changes in how your vehicle operates also. There is a lot more strain that’s on your vehicle once it gets hotter outside and the weather intensifies. Here are four ways to get your truck ready for warmer weather so you can be ready before the heat comes.

Check or Replace Tires

When the seasons change, unless you have all-season tires, you will need to change your tires to summer tires that can handle the heat and stress of the summer months. You will also want to stay on top of your tire air pressure (psi) to make sure that it’s elevated a little higher because of the temperature change. You want it a little higher in the warmer months and lower in the winter months to prevent your tires from bursting. The air compresses in heat and expands in the cold, which is why you must adjust accordingly through the months.

Keep Fluids Full

Your engine runs on lubricants and oils. Without these fluids, it would lock up, and some of the parts would even melt and mold into one another, leaving you with an inoperable vehicle. This could cost you more than the vehicle is worth in repairs if you let it run low on fluids or run out, for that matter. You could be without wheels for quite a while.

Stay on Your Battery

The heat in the summer months can tend to overload your battery, causing some of the fluids from the inside to ooze out of the terminals, corroding your battery and losing any potential energy that was once in it. Over time, this can drain your battery, causing you to have to replace it altogether, which you shouldn’t have to do but once every several years.

Bugs and Humidity

As the temperatures rise, so does the humidity, and the bugs love it too. When this happens, you’ll want to give your truck some protection from all the splatter you will encounter on the highway, including rain and bugs. One way of successfully tackling this problem head-on is by using a winter front and bug screen that catches most of the debris from the bugs and repels most of the moisture from the heat and humidity. This piece of equipment is even handy for the winter too, as it promotes quicker engine warm-up.

Make sure your ride’s up to par with these top four ways to get your truck ready for warmer weather. Now you can be ready at a moment’s notice for all the fun of summertime.

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