4 Ways To Repair a Tear or Hole in Your Vehicle Upholstery

4 Ways To Repair a Tear or Hole in Your Vehicle Upholstery

Car seats, sharp tools, drink spills, and pet claws can all cause damage to your vehicle’s upholstery. Nevertheless, you can repair any tears or holes using several methods. Continue reading to learn how to resolve the issue at home without any trouble!

Stitch the Tear

You might be lucky enough to simply sew the fabric back together if there’s enough fabric in place. Use a curved upholstery needle and a long piece of thread that matches the upholstery.

After closing the tear, you can apply a fabric sealant on top to make sure the thread doesn’t fray. It may not look as good as new. Nevertheless, this repair will get the job done to prevent further tearing.

Add a Piece of Matching Cloth To Fill the Hole

You’ll need additional fabric to fill a wide hole in the upholstery. Find a similar material at a craft store or an automotive junkyard along with a fabric adhesive.

Remove the frayed fabric first. Then, place the fabric adhesive beneath the hole. Place the additional piece of cloth on top of the adhesive with minimal overlapping. The edges should be clean and even for the best result. Finally, put an iron on top of the newly installed cloth to bond the materials together.

Use a Repair Kit for Vinyl Seats

Vinyl works differently than cloth seats. Manufacturers make vinyl seats from plastic, and many adore the material because of its water-resistant properties. However, repairing a tear or a hole in vinyl upholstery will be a lengthy process.

Start by purchasing a vinyl seat repair kit with a color that closely matches the vehicle’s seats. Clean the area lightly with a mild cleaner and a towel. Once it’s dry, the real work can begin.

Snip away any frayed fabric with scissors. Cut the backing cloth a bit larger than the hole or tear and place it inside. Glue the patch into place.

Finally, take out the filler paste in the repair kit. Apply a few coats over the hole or tear. Once it’s completely dry, sand the filler so it appears the blemish was never there!

Invest In Custom Seat Covers

In the event these methods don’t work, Fia provides custom seat covers that will hide and protect the damage. You can enjoy comfortably sturdy seats in your vehicle rather than see an eyesore and make it worse. Browse our plentiful selection of seat covers to find the right fit for your vehicle and style.

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