5 Tricks for Keeping Your Truck’s Exterior Pristine

5 Tricks for Keeping Your Truck’s Exterior Pristine

Some people own trucks to work with them, while others have them to show off, but these vehicles can get dirty quickly. And because they are so big, that dirt is quite visible.

So if you’re trying to keep it up and not let the mud and dirt cake on your machine, we have the solution. With these five tricks for keeping your truck’s exterior pristine, you should have no problem keeping your vehicle clean and ready to go.

Use Car-Wash Solution Only

Many people might want to use dish soap or detergent to clean their vehicles because they think these types of soaps provide a cheaper solution to washing their cars. However, this is not the case.

Dish soap and detergents are usually too strong for car exteriors. They can strip wax and paint to the point where all the minor chips and cracks in the paint will become more visible. Only use car-wash solution to wash your truck.

Paint Cleaner for Hard Jobs

You can also use paint cleaner or paint putty for difficult jobs that require a deeper clean. When you use these products, they soften whatever was on top of your paint to help break it down.

After leaving the application on the paint for a while, you rinse it off clean, and your truck’s exterior will be like new again. This is especially good for streaks where something or someone may have rubbed up against your exterior with their vehicle or an object strong enough to cause damage.

Don’t Skimp on Wax

You might get mixed reviews about whether you should wax every time you wash, but it’s a good idea, especially if you haven’t waxed it in a while. Most of the time, once you clean your vehicle well and wax it, your truck won’t get as much buildup on its surface afterward.

Once you get a deep enough clean on your truck, you’ll want to apply a good coat of wax. The wax also acts as a natural buffer keeping pests and dirt off your ride.

Add a Bug Screen

If you save up a little money, you can add a truck bug screen to the front end of your truck. This will provide it with superior protection from those nasty critters that you will encounter on the highways and county roads.

Try a Little Tire Polish

If you’ve never tried using it, we recommend adding tire polish to your washing routine. It makes your tires look better than they did fresh off the shelf. It also helps to protect the rubber by giving it a protective coating that keeps dirt and debris off the tire itself.

These are just five tricks to keep your truck’s exterior pristine, so you’ll have to worry less about cleaning it. You can ride in style, knowing that you’re keeping your vehicle clean in the best way possible.

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