5 Ways To Protect Your Vehicle When You Live Near a Beach

5 Ways To Protect Your Vehicle When You Live Near a Beach

Living at the beach is the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of—jogging through the sand, swimming in the waves, and watching the sun set over the ocean.

Despite the wonders living near a beach can bring, it can also bring some damage to your vehicle. Find out the best ways to protect your vehicle when you live near a beach!

Designate a Place for Sandy and Damp Items

Sand and saltwater stick on the surface of everything, from clothes to towels to sandals. To minimize tracking in sand or getting saltwater on the seats of your vehicle, create a designated space for sandy and damp items.

Keep a beach bag or tub in the trunk of the car. After a trip to the beach, place any dirty items in the container. It’s an efficient way to limit damage and messes inside the car.

Vacuum the Interior Regularly

Despite your efforts to rinse off sand and put dirty clothes away in a designated space, sand will inevitably appear in your vehicle. It makes the vehicle look dingey and feel uncomfortable when you find sand in your seat. That’s why it’s important to vacuum the interior regularly to remove any lingering remnants of the beach.

Store a handheld, battery-operated vacuum in your car to make vacuuming an easy process. After a beach trip, vacuum the vehicle’s floorboards, seats, and dashboard to remove any unwanted substances. Before you know it, your car will look fresh and clean!

Install Seat Covers

After a trip to the beach, you will likely hop in the car with sand on your sandals and saltwater-soaked clothing. The average vehicle seat will degrade over time. However, if you install neoprene seat covers, you’re sure to keep the vehicle’s original seats in pristine condition while still enjoying the new appearance of the seat covers.

The waterproof material of these seat covers is ideal for those who love to visit the beach. Unlike the original seats of the car, you can easily remove the seat covers and wash them by hand. The advanced design of neoprene seat covers is sure to withstand anything that comes their way.

Conduct Weekly Car Washes

Saltwater, humid air, and intense UV rays can cause the metals on the exterior of a vehicle to corrode. Not only does this create an undesirable look, but the effects are potentially harmful to the quality of how the vehicle operates.

To avoid repairs and protect the vehicle’s paint job, conduct weekly car washes. Doing so will remove any salt, dirt, and contaminants that may ruin the metals on the vehicle’s surface. Car washes are an effective way to keep your car’s exterior looking great!

Cover Your Car at Home

Beach towns receive more sunlight year-round than most regions. The UV rays experienced in these regions are intense and can degrade the quality of the vehicle quickly.

Another way to protect your vehicle when you live near a beach is to find a safe place to park. You want to get your vehicle away from the sunlight. The best options are to park in a covered garage or utilize a car cover. Taking this step ensures the vehicle’s paint doesn’t fade and lessens the risk of rusting.

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