7 Reasons You Need a Bug Screen for Your Truck

7 Reasons You Need a Bug Screen for Your Truck

The larger your vehicle is, the more of a target it becomes for anything from mud to bugs to rocks. There are all kinds of obstacles that you will encounter on the road, especially if you drive a pickup truck. Since being in a truck elevates you more than a car, it also means that you’ll be subject to encountering more debris and dirt. For this reason, you’ll need some kind of shielding over your truck’s grill, such as a bug screen. Not only does it protect your vehicle from pests, but also sediment and debris on the road.

Whether you’re on the highway or a dirt road doesn’t matter. Sediment and asphalt from the road will somehow find their way onto your truck. There’s always something that can and will land on your vehicle, especially if you drive a truck, as it’s a more prominent target. That said, here are seven reasons you need a bug screen for your truck.

Slinging Pebbles and Rocks

You may think smaller cars and vans get all of the blowback on the road, but that’s not true. With all of the big tankers, Mack trucks, and semi-trucks on the highways, pickup trucks get just as much dirt and muck as any other vehicle, if not more.

With a shield, you can at least sleep better knowing that you essentially have a faceplate on the front of your truck to serve as a shield. A mud shield defends your truck from random bits of road slung about by other vehicles.

Minimizes Hail Damage

Because the weather is entirely unpredictable, there will be a time when you’re driving and encounter a thunderstorm or two. What is less likely, but still possible, is that you might even have to deal with hail as you travel.

It is advised to proceed with caution or even pull off the road entirely. Whether you stay on the road or get off is your decision, but you should know that a bug shield will deflect a lot of the hail as you’re moving because it mostly drops straight down. As you propel forward in your truck, your momentum will sling most of that hail toward your truck. The bug shield will be there to catch most of it before it ever reaches the windshield!

Maintaining the Grill and Paint Job

Another great reason you will need a bug shield on your truck is to maintain the grill. After all, the grill itself is a shield for the engine, so protecting your vehicle’s internal parts is the ultimate goal of any automobile owner.

One of the first things you’ll notice is that the grill’s polish will continue to shine brilliantly for much longer when using a bug shield. This protective shield will also reduce the chances of rusting. A bug screen will further help to protect your finish from anything that could ruin your exterior paint job.

Protects Your Truck’s Frame

Like your grill, you’ll want to keep your frame in check. Everyone has to deal with debris flying at their frame, but what if you could lessen the trauma altogether? With a bug screen in front end of the frame, you will keep a good portion of the rocks, mud, dirt, bugs, and debris from ever contacting your truck.

This kind of protection is excellent news considering new body parts for trucks can cost several hundreds to several thousands of dollars. The amount of money you will save with a bug screen could be in the thousands after all the repairs you no longer have to spend money on.

Keeps Mud at Bay

Even with mudflaps, trucks sling dirt constantly. The flaps may hold a lot of the dirt back, but not enough to keep it from getting all over your truck. Fortunately, having something like a truck bug screen in place is excellent as they stick out at least three to four inches from the grill’s frame.

This sizing gives you that much clearance to separate particles in the air while driving so that they don’t contact your vehicle. This goes from the most minute dirt particles to the larger clods that can make their way into your grill and even your engine without these protective measures in place.

Improves Road Safety

If you’ve ever been on a road trip where you’re on the highway for a long time, you know the dangers that come with it. It’s bad enough that you must watch out for inclement weather and truckers potentially falling asleep at the wheel. Still, nothing can prepare you for that massive chunk of rock and dirt that will get kicked up all over the road when a tanker hits a pothole or a Mack truck carrying dirt sways and scatters its cargo all over the road. If you’ve got a bug screen protector in place, you can be sure your visibility will increase while driving in the circumstances like this.

More importantly, after long trips like these, you will encounter a surprising number of bugs, especially in the summertime. Having that screen in place will knock out at least half of what would have usually ended up on your vehicle.

Enhances Your Truck’s Look

What’s even more exciting is that this shield gives your truck a sporty look that will impress most people who see it. Even if your truck doesn’t have a sports package, some might think that it does just based on the small enhancements like this you’ve added to your vehicle. Now, you have a double purpose for your shield: protecting your truck and enhancing the overall look. That is money well spent!

If you’re looking for quality bug screening protection, then make sure to source Fia Inc. for all of your trucking needs, and we will be more than happy to address any questions or concerns you may have. This has been a list of seven reasons you need a bug screen for your truck and why they are so essential while on the road to wherever you’re headed.

7 Reasons You Need a Bug Screen for Your Truck

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