A Comprehensive Seat Cover Buying Guide

A Comprehensive Seat Cover Buying Guide

When starting out in the world of vehicle interior customization, one of the most important concepts to learn is how to select and install the perfect seat cover. Custom-fit vehicle seat covers not only add a sporty or luxurious touch to your car or truck, but they also provide your seats’ upholstery with protection against everyday use. The subtle addition of a set of seat covers will add a convenient element to your car’s interior. Read this comprehensive seat cover buying guide to pick the cover that suits you best.

Why Do You Need a Seat Cover?

Before you set out to buy the right seat cover for your vehicle, it is important to know why you are buying one in the first place. Your reasons for wanting a seat cover will help you determine the type of seat cover to buy. Decide whether you want the seat cover for style, comfort, or to protect the original seats. While our seat covers will provide you with all three, some offer specialized characteristics that lend themselves to one of the listed factors.

Every Vehicle Is Different

Now, you need to figure out the type of seats you have. Vehicles come in various shapes and sizes, and no two sets of seats are exactly the same. If you purchase a car seat protector when you own a big truck, you may find yourself sorely disappointed with the product. Your seat covers must fit the seats well.

At Fia, we ensure that you get the product you need for your vehicle. Enter your vehicle’s make, model, and year into our search engine, and we will provide you with a cover that fits your vehicle’s seats perfectly. We even provide you with a cover custom-fit for your center console. Whether you have a heavy-duty truck, a work truck, or a semi, Fia can customize the seat cover to make it work for your vehicle.

What Material Do You Want?

Next, you need to consider the type of material you want for your custom seat cover. It is important for you to be realistic, as some materials can withstand hard work and heavy vehicle use more than others. Fia carries a variety of different seat cover materials for any level of vehicle enthusiast. Check out a few options below:

Oe™ by Fia

Oe™ has a design meant to act as a second layer of skin for your vehicle’s seats and match the seat’s original equipment. The standard tweed design looks just like factory-grade vehicle seating, but features the durability and comfort of a Fia seat cover. This material works well for a driver who does not need anything flashy—just something that will hold up to the daily wear and tear of work.

Wrangler™ Series

If you want the style and hardiness of a warm saddle blanket, the Wrangler™ Series is perfect for you. Wrangler seat covers can resist abrasive damage and handle the use that comes with your industry. These heavy-duty custom seat covers come in many different styles and colors, whether you want the traditional saddle blanket style or a solid color for your interior.

Neo™ by Fia

For drivers interested in a sporty seat cover that will protect the original seats from the elements, Neoprene seat covers will get the job done. We add an extra layer of water-resistant material to our Neoprene seat covers to ensure the style keeps its sporty glow without staining. These covers offer sleek style, ultraviolet light protection, and comfort—making them excellent for the outdoor enthusiast.

Seat Protector™ Series

Keep seat protection simple with our Seat Protector™ commercial seat covers. These solid-color waterproof vinyl and water-resistant polyester seat covers provide extra safeguards against the heavy usage that comes with a commercial vehicle. With their integrated ultraviolet light protection, they will keep their color even through the sunniest days.

LeatherLite™ Series

Last, but certainly not least, are the sporty and upscale LeatherLite™ seat covers. This leatherette material looks and feels just like the real deal, yet it’s easier to clean than real leather and less likely to fade from ultraviolet light. If you want your vehicle to have a leather seat aesthetic, our LeatherLite™ Series will keep your seats protected in style. With different colors to choose from, you are sure to find the best match for your sense of style.

Pick a Style To Match Your Aesthetic

Once you select a material, all you need to do is decide on the style that best matches what you want in your car, truck, SUV, or semi. Do you want something that stands out or something that blends in? Do you want it to be obvious that you have a seat cover, or do you want a cover that looks just like the original seats? Do you need a sporty design, a cozy design, or a neutral design for commercial vehicles?

Whatever your choice, be sure to choose the seat cover that suits your ideal interior design. You use the vehicle every day for work and recreation, so make yourself happy while driving with a stylish seat cover that matches all of your preferences.

Perfecting the Installation

Once you get your hands on your custom-fit seat cover, you’ll need to install it. Luckily, with Fia’s easy-to-install Super-Grip technology, installation will be a breeze. Before you begin, make sure that the seat is clean of any dirt, debris, or moisture. Then, install according to our previous blog, fasten the buckles, and enjoy your brand-new seats. It will be a tight fit, because we customize them to the exact measurements of the seats, but once you finish the installation you will not find any air pockets or loose edges.

With this comprehensive seat cover buying guide, you are ready to purchase your first stylish seat cover from Fia to dress up your vehicle’s interior. Whether you need universal-fit car seat covers or custom-fit semi-truck seat covers, Fia has a variety of products for your vehicle’s seats. They will keep your interior looking pristine, elegant, and upscale. Feel free to contact us with any questions about our automotive interior and exterior accessories.

Seat Cover Buying Guide

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