Comparing Neoprene and Leatherette Seat Covers

Comparing Neoprene and Leatherette Seat Covers

The factory seats in your car might not be up to your standards. You deserve a better design and dependable materials that will last a long time. You need strong neoprene or leatherette seat covers. Continue reading to compare their amazing features and determine the right seat covers for your truck, minivan, or SUV.

What Are Neoprene Seat Covers?

Neoprene seat covers are primarily made from polychloroprene polymer. This form of synthetic rubber is favored for its heat and water resistance. The material is common for wetsuits, but it also works well as a reliable and strong seat cover. It’s the best product to repel moisture, whether it’s rainwater dripping off your jacket or sweat touching the seats after exercising. When water touches the surface, neoprene instantly repels the liquid, so it never penetrates the fibers.

Neoprene also offers enhanced UV protection to resist fading over time. Your seat covers will look as good as new a decade from now!

What Are Leatherette Seat Covers?

Leatherette is a manufactured material that’s soft to the touch and more durable than leather. It’s composed of vinyl and other plastics to replicate natural leather’s luxurious look.

Leather is absorbent and prone to cracking without regular conditioning. The primary difference between the two is leatherette seats are much easier to clean. The material is less porous and breathable, so stains and spills are less likely to penetrate the seats.

Keep in mind that leatherette needs conditioning to maintain its appearance. This step adds protection from UV rays while preventing cracking.

How Will You Decide Between Neoprene and Leatherette Seat Covers?

Custom neoprene seat covers and leatherette seat covers from Fia have quick-release buckles for easy installation and removal. They’re comfortable, stylish, and incredibly easy to clean. The key factor that separates the two seat covers is durability. Neoprene is stronger than leatherette due to its waterproof properties and low maintenance requirements.

Comparing neoprene and leatherette seat covers will help you determine which material is right for your vehicle. Take a closer look at both seat covers sold by Fia for additional details to make your decision even easier. Either option will instantly elevate your truck, minivan, or SUV’s interior!

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