Do You Smell Something? Tips for Getting Rid of Truck Odors

Do You Smell Something? Tips for Getting Rid of Truck Odors

Being on the road can take its toll, so you must look after your truck. If you neglect it, not only will your vehicle become unsightly after a time, but you may notice that it doesn’t smell as inhabitable as it once did.

There are a few key ways to prevent these issues from ever becoming a problem, no matter how far you travel. Here are some great tips for getting rid of truck odors so that you can keep things squared away.


As Mother Nature’s odor absorber, charcoal is one of the most powerful natural agents. It is even used in medicine to remove toxins from bodies.

Charcoal effectively removes stains and odors. It’s safe on truck seat covers. Just dilute it with water and scrub it in. Use a little water and soap, wipe it down one last time, and you’re good to go.

Baking Soda

People have used soda as an alkaline in many different applications for years, from cleaning agents to odor eliminators. Many people put a box of baking soda in their refrigerators to keep everything smelling fresh.

Baking soda is also useful in gym lockers, washrooms, or anywhere odors might collect. Mix it with vinegar to create a powerful cleaning agent that will remove both stains and odor. Most commercial cleaners use this combination for deep cleaning jobs.

Carpet Cleaner

Products like carpet cleaners are some of the most effective trademark stain and odor removers on the market. They can get into fabrics and surfaces deeply and break down the dirt and dander that causes odors to develop from the build-up of bacteria.

These substances usually last for days to weeks due to their powerful ingredients, mainly citrus extracts and peroxide. This combination oxygenates the surface and refreshes it with oils that linger for long periods while they deep clean.

With these three items at your side, you will always have a clean and fresh ride. This article has listed great tips for getting rid of truck odors so that you can prevent having a less-than-desirable ride the next time you’re on the road. It can be difficult being out on the highway by yourself for long stretches, but it doesn’t have to be painful. So, enjoy the ride.

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