Driving With Pets: 3 Solutions To Keep Your Vehicle Clean

Driving With Pets: 3 Solutions To Keep Your Vehicle Clean

Traveling with your pet can be a fun experience but it can also be a messy one. The good news is you can protect your truck’s interior from wet slobber and piles of hair in a few easy ways. Check out these three solutions to keep your vehicle clean when driving with pets and prepare for your next driving adventure.

Establish a Designated Seating Area

It’s easier to keep your truck clean when you only allow your pet to occupy a designated area. For example, you can easily contain pet hair and other messes if you train your dog to sit only on the passenger side or rear seats.

Keep in mind it may take some time to train your furry friend in one place if they’re used to sitting anywhere they please. However, the initial training will pay off when you don’t need to spend a lot of time cleaning your truck’s interior from top to bottom.

Clean Messes Immediately

Addressing messes as soon as they occur is another solution to keep your vehicle clean when driving with pets. It will be easier to keep your truck in tip-top shape if you don’t let pet odor, spills, and stains build up over time.

Consider traveling with a clean-up kit in your truck bed’s lockbox to simplify your life. Fill it with helpful items such as disinfectant wipes, odor-eliminating spray, a pet brush, and a lint remover. You can also keep a more compact kit under the passenger seat, so it’s easily accessible when you need a quick refresh. It may also be helpful to keep a handheld vacuum in your truck bed’s lockbox if your pet sheds a lot.

Invest in Seat Covers

You know blankets don’t stay in place very well if you’ve been protecting your seats with them. One sharp turn and suddenly your DIY seat cover is on the floor. It’s time to do yourself a favor and invest in seat covers. Custom or semi-custom seat covers specifically fit over your seats, so you don’t need to worry about constant slippage.

Truck seat covers made from a durable material such as commercial-grade polyester are a great option for pets. Since your favorite fur buddy also moves around a lot, you’ll want to make sure your seat cover won’t budge and can handle frequent wear and tear.

At Fia, we offer premium pet seat protectors to guard against unwanted messes. Our covers are easy to install and provide your truck’s interior with quality protection. Find the perfect option for your car and freely enjoy the open road with your furry friend!

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