Essential Tips for Maintaining a Leased Truck

Essential Tips for Maintaining a Leased Truck

Owning a car means any damage is up to you to repair. In the long run, the only person you’ll disappoint is yourself. That’s why many people choose to lease trucks instead. However, leased trucks are tricky. Most automotive leases last from two to three years, and during that time frame, you will make monthly payments to the leasing company. You then must return the truck once the lease agreement expires.

The leasing company expects you to return the vehicle in good condition, and that includes everything from the upholstery to the engine. Otherwise, it will cost you. You’ll have to pay for the unruly damages that occurred during your ownership.

You don’t want to pay thousands of dollars in repair fees for a vehicle you no longer drive, so you must protect the truck to the best of your ability. Read these essential tips to maintain a leased truck to ensure it’s always in amazing condition.

Don’t Add Any Permanent Modifications

You may want to add an incredible sound system, a snazzy light bar, a lift kit, or a new paint color. These customizations make the truck feel like it’s yours. But remember, you don’t own the truck; it belongs to the leasing company.

The bottom line is that any modifications made to the truck must be reversible and not cause any damage. The leasing company wants the truck returned just as it was when you took it.

Modifying the truck could result in a void lease agreement. You may have to pay a substantial fee for the unauthorized modification or purchase the truck from the company.

Keep Up With Maintenance

New brake pads, oil changes, new filters, tire rotations, and more are important to preserve the condition of the truck. Without proper maintenance, the truck’s quality is likely to decline by the time you give it back.

Thoroughly read through the owner’s manual, as it will have maintenance recommendations with suggested time frames. Having this foundational knowledge will help you arrange maintenance tasks for the next few years while you’re driving the truck.

Don’t Neglect the Necessary Repairs

Maintaining a leased truck requires more than cleanliness and regular oil changes. It’s essential to conduct necessary repairs as soon as possible, too.

Some common issues trucks might face include leaking oil or transmission fluid, an overheating engine, difficulty shifting gears, damaged wheel bearings, squeaky brakes, and much more. Allowing various complications to occur without repair is detrimental to the vehicle. It can lead to a shot braking system or a transmission rebuild.

A Bonus Piece of Advice

Paying close attention to the details listed in the leasing agreement is a must! The leasing company will expect you to return the vehicle in good condition and within a particular mileage range. It will also outline whether you will pay out of pocket for repairs and maintenance.

In most cases, you will pay for maintenance like new tires, brake pads, oil changes, and more. You also have to cover damages if you cause an accident.

If the vehicle is still under warranty, you should be able to benefit from free maintenance and repairs. However, you can learn more about this information by checking with the leasing company.

Keep a Clear Record of the Truck’s History

You should keep information on every oil change, tire replacement, and repair in an organized folder. The leasing company will want to know which specific alterations you made to the truck during your ownership. It will provide them with enough information to note that you were a reliable partner and determine the status of the vehicle once you return it.

You’ll especially want to document any accidents. It’s an awful thought to consider. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to be transparent with the leasing company so they can conduct any necessary repairs. Concealing any information could lead to further complications, additional fees, or disputes in the future. Not to mention, you want to ensure the next owner of the truck understands the truck’s history.

Frequently Wash and Wax the Exterior

Every vehicle is susceptible to rust and fading. You want to ensure there’s no reason for the leasing company to charge you additional money once you give the truck back.

One of the best things you can do to keep the exterior looking incredible is to frequently wash and wax the truck. Wipe away any mud and dust, dry the vehicle, and apply a shimmering coat of car wax on the surface. Each precaution will work to prevent minor scuffs and scratches while brightening the truck’s glamorous appearance.

Avoid Smoking in the Truck

Smoking is one of the worst things you can do to a leased truck. The scent of tobacco will cling to the dashboard, upholstery, and floorboards. It doesn’t matter if you smoke with the windows down—the smoke will latch on and be incredibly difficult to remove.

The scent isn’t the only concern. Occasionally, ash will break away from the end of the cigarette, which will leave behind a burn mark on the seat. Upholstery repairs are extremely expensive.

This doesn’t mean that you must stop smoking altogether because you’re leasing a truck. All you must do is make sure you smoke away from the vehicle to ensure you don’t cause any damage to the interior of the vehicle. If the leasing company has to remove the troublesome scent or repair the upholstery, you are sure to receive a hefty bill for the restoration.

Protect the Upholstery

Food and drink spills, mud stains, water damage, and more accumulate inside of the truck. It’s where you, family, and friends spend time together driving from place to place. Messes will happen!

If you’re concerned about the quality of the upholstery, seat covers for trucks are an incredible preventative option.

Choose between materials like tweed, neoprene, polyester, and simulated leather. The seat covers will protect the factory seats underneath, and they’ll look incredible and feel even better!

Once the lease expires and you return the truck, you can hold onto your beloved truck seat covers for the next truck. All you have to do is choose one of Fia’s universal truck seat covers that can fit a wide variety of vehicles.

Leasing a truck might sound intimidating, but it’s possible when you put in the effort. You can save money in the long run and enjoy the luxury of a new vehicle every few years. Soon enough, you’ll become accustomed to the routine of leasing a car and enjoy the process.

Essential Tips for Maintaining a Leased Truck

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