How Much Damage Can Insects Do to Your Vehicle?

How Much Damage Can Insects Do to Your Vehicle?

Sure, bugs splattered on your car are annoying to look at. But did you know they can actually damage your truck? Insects can do more damage to your vehicle than most people know. Here’s how.

Damage to Paint

Insects contain a similar substance to blood. When they splatter on your truck, this substance gets all over your paint. The trouble is, insect “blood” is slightly acidic, and exposure to the sun makes this acidity even stronger.

Car paint is applied in extremely thin layers. This means that, over time, insect blood can eat away at and damage your car’s finish. In severe cases, this can even leave permanent pits in the paint.

What To Do About It

Prevention is key when it comes to keeping your car’s finish fresh. Remember, the more the dead bug juice is exposed to sunlight, the more acidic it gets. Washing off bug spatter as soon as possible minimizes the damage. Routine maintenance will also make cleaning easier as the bugs won’t be caked on.

If there is already damage to your truck from bugs, waxing can help. This will fill in any gaps in the clear coat left by insect acid. A bug deflector shield can also help minimize the number of bugs colliding with your windshield and hood.

Damage to the Radiator

Your truck’s radiator prevents it from overheating by moving hot air out of the engine. Bugs flying into the radiator can clog it and make it unable to do its job effectively. This can cause damage to the radiator and engine if left unchecked.

What To Do About It

The easiest method to fix this problem is to prevent it entirely. Screens like our Fia bug screen fit on the front of your truck for a bug-free drive. If your radiator is already clogged, you’ll need to clean it out before installing any preventative measures. A soft-bristled brush is a great tool for the job.

It’s surprising how much damage insects can do to your vehicle, but with these preventative measures, your truck should stay in great shape for years to come.

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