How To Clean Seat Covers in Your Truck

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Many truck drivers find themselves constantly having to clean their seat covers. This can take a lot of time that can be avoided with proper cleaning. For tips about how to clean seat covers correctly, read this quick guide.

Remember that different fabrics are not all cleaned the same

You wouldn’t clean your bathroom the same way you would clean your kitchen. You would use different tools and supplies. Similarly, you should not clean all your seat covers the same way. This is because some seat covers attract more debris than others. For instance, CR-grade neoprene seat covers require five steps. Simulated leather seat covers, on the other hand, require fewer steps. For more information about how the cleaning process differs for various fabrics, read below.


A neoprene seat cover can be cleaned either on or off the vehicle. First, you want to wipe a wet cloth on the dirty parts. Then, wipe wetsuit shampoo over them. Use a wet cloth one more time to rinse the cover. After the surface is rinsed, dry the seat cover with a cloth. Next, let the seat cover dry in the sun. Unlike some other seat covers, you do not have to shake neoprene out or vacuum it. Since it only requires wiping shampoo on it, it takes less time to clean than some other seat covers.

Simulated Leather/Vinyl

Simulated leather/vinyl can be cleaned on the vehicle. The first step is to vacuum the covers. To clean a simulated leather/vinyl seat cover effectively, clean each part in sections. Instead of using shampoo, use a vinyl cleaner on the surface. Work the cleaner in with a soft bristle brush. Clean it with a damp cloth, and dry it using microfiber.


Polyester is one of the easiest fabrics to clean. Spot cleaning stains while the cover is on is easy, but polyester seat covers can be removed and washed in the machine on a delicate setting; then, hang dry or machine dry on a gentle or cool cycle. Be sure to use a mild detergent and turn the seat covers inside out before washing.


Because tweed generally is a woven fabric, vacuuming prior to cleaning is a must, especially if you have pets that shed. Hairs and/or debris will be caught in the weave, so vacuum thoroughly. Hand washing tweed seat covers is the only recommended way to ensure longevity; make sure to use a mild detergent. Hang dry is also the recommended drying procedure.

Keep in mind that any seat cover that has foam padding sewn in should be hand washed/hang dry in order to keep the foam from breaking down over time. By remembering how to clean seat covers correctly, it will look brand new. Keep it this way by avoiding spills and cleaning dirty items before you put them in your truck. And watch for signs that it’s time to replace your seat covers.

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