How To Install a Custom Seat Cover

How To Install a Custom Seat Cover

When you want to protect your truck’s seats from the daily wear and tear of regular use and sun damage, purchasing a protective custom seat cover is the way to go. Custom seat covers provide truck seats of any size or shape with stylish protection anywhere you take your vehicle. Installing your custom truck seat cover is far from difficult once you know how to do it.

With these detailed instructions on how to install a custom seat cover, you will be prepared once your cover arrives and ready to pop it on and get back to business as usual. Once you have installed your custom seat cover, you will sit comfortably with peace of mind knowing that the interior of your vehicle is protected from the upholstery hazards that work and life bring.

Before You Begin: Clean the Seat

The first step to any seat cover installation is ensuring that the seat is clean of any debris before you commit to the custom seat cover. Once it is on, you will not want to remove the seat cover and install it again—so it is easiest to get this step out of the way now. Vacuum any crumbs or dirt that may have settled within the bucket of your seat and carefully clean stains according to the type of fabric the seat is made of. If you have a brand-new vehicle or keep your truck tidy, you can skip this step and move right on to the next.

Remove the Headrests and Apply Their Covers

To install your seat cover, you will need to remove your headrest. For many makes and models of cars and trucks, all you will need to remove the headrest is a paperclip to insert into the pin hole located within the base. In some cases, you will only need to push on the adjustment tab and pull all the way up. Some headrests utilize both techniques. If neither technique is applicable or you have difficulty with this step, consult your vehicle’s manufacturer.

Once the headrest is off, stretch the provided Fia custom headrest cover included with your seat cover over the entirety of the headrest. There will be two holes on the bottom for the prongs of your headrest. Because the cover is custom-made, the fit will be snug. Use the Super-Grip® Velcro connectors to tightly fasten the cover to the headrest and finish this step.

Install the Cushion Cover

When putting on your cushion cover, it is important to make sure it is on the right side (driver or passenger). The cover will have a sewn in washing instruction tag. Make sure that tag is to the inside (close to the center console) when installing.

Start with the front and snugly wrap the stretch trim over the seat. Make sure to center the cover before you continue wrapping the rest of the cover and stretch trim over the entire seat. Once the cover is smooth and flat over the cushion, push the straps or buckles through the crevice between the cushion and backrest. Straps feed underneath the seat and attach to the corresponding buckle. Tighten the strap and do the same for the side straps with their side’s corresponding back buckles. So long as the cover matches the contour of your seat, you are set to tighten the straps all the way and lock it in place.

Install the Backrest Cover

Next, place the backrest seat cover gently over the back of the seat. Make sure that it is on the right way—the front should have the padded back supports while the back will look plain. As you line the custom seat cover up with the shape of the seat, ensure that the two holes in the top of the seat cover align with the base of the headrest.

Your truck’s seat may come with seat belts installed within the shoulder of the chair. Our custom-made covers provide protection all around the entirety of the seat—just tuck the cover underneath the seat belt. Part of the cover will protect the shoulder of the truck seat where the seat belt comes out of, but the rest will slip underneath. The two ends will meet on the outside end of the seat and you will be able to zip them up for a snug, secure fit. Your seat belts should be able to move freely through the custom formed seat belt opening when tugged without catching on the seat cover.

Smooth down any air pockets by running your hands down the seat cover. As you reach the bottom of the seat cover, push the tabs at the end through the seat’s crevice. Go around to the back of the seat and attach these velcro tabs to the tabs at the bottom of the back of the seat cover, sealing it.

Air Bag Deployment Opening

If your vehicle has side airbag deployment, it is important that you do not cover them in a restricting way. Fia provides an opening on the side of the seat cover for your airbags to safely deploy in the event of an emergency. Just tuck the back flap of the airbag opening into the front of the seat cover, and your airbags will not be restrained during deployment.

If Applicable, Install the Middle Console Cover

Center portions with seating need protection from wear and tear as well. If your vehicle model includes a front center seating area for a third person, Fia provides you with a secure center seat cover to match your driver and passenger seats. There are many different center portion configurations, but rule of thumb is you will receive covers for the center portion seating area when your armrest is in the up position.

For a center console, there are two main pieces, a cushion cover and a backrest cover. These pieces should install similar to the seats. You may need to apply the adhesive velcro provided with your purchase to the inside of the console and stretch the patches of velcro attached along the edges of the cover to the areas you have placed the adhesive velcro. You may need to stretch the cover out first to figure out where to place the adhesive velcro patches.

The console lid cover is included on some applications and should slip onto the lid like a glove. You may need to attach two more pieces of adhesive velcro to the back of the lid for a final seal.

After you have followed this guide for how to install a custom seat cover, your seats and center console will remain safe from the debris of your tough job and protected from the harsh UV rays of the sun. Fia custom-made seat covers are essential for protecting the interiors of heavy-duty work vehicles with a touch of luxury. Search our products for your make and model of truck today and order your custom Fia seat cover today.

How To Install a Custom Seat Cover

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