How To Prepare Your Truck for Winter

How To Prepare Your Truck for Winter

Winter is the most difficult season for all vehicles, and while your truck is the most prepared for ice, snow, and freezing temperatures out of any other vehicle, you still need to give it a checkup beforehand. Getting your truck ready for the long winter ahead prevents damage and extends its lifespan. Instead of expecting the truck to run all season without issues, know these essential tips for how to prepare your truck for winter and ensure the hardest months of the year go as smoothly as possible.

Check On Your Battery’s Charge

When it gets unbearably cold outside, the battery is one of the first things in the truck to display problems. If your battery goes out your vehicle won’t start and you’ll need to jump it, which is its own chore. Check the truck’s battery with a voltmeter—a healthy battery should read 12.6 volts—or with a handheld battery and electrical system. You should replace an unhealthy battery as soon as possible to avoid start-up failures.

Batteries three years or older may benefit from a replacement before the worst of the winter weather begins. If you’ve noticed signs of a weak battery—dim headlights, flickering dash lights, or corrosion on the battery itself—replace it before it gets too cold.

Check Tires and Get Tire Chains Out

Before you start driving through the toughest weather, prepare your truck’s tires for ice and snow. The pressure of your tires shouldn’t fall below 20% of the recommended pressure. In addition to the tire pressure, inspect all your tire treads to ensure they live up to winter tire standards. Worn treads can make your vehicle lose traction, even if you have a truck built for difficult off-road conditions.

You shouldn’t keep your chains on longer than you need to but getting them out of storage and keeping them in the vehicle will prepare you for sudden inclement roads and weather. Keep yourself informed of city, town, and state regulations for tire chains.

Install a Custom Truck Winter Front

Engine warmth is essential during the winter, especially since you want to get warmer faster in the cab. Install a heavy-duty custom winter front from Fia for your truck’s grill to protect the engine from debris, cold temperatures, and moisture. They’ll keep your engine running at the optimal temperature, which can prevent the burdening effects of a cold engine, such as higher fuel usage and stalling.

Fia’s easy to install, no-drill truck winter fronts are an essential part of how to prepare your truck for winter. Whether you have a pickup or a semi, our custom-fitted winter fronts will protect your engine through the winter. Check out our selection of truck bug screen and winter front products today and protect your truck with the best accessories.

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