How To Protect Your Truck From the Sun

How To Protect Your Truck From the Sun

As the weather warms up and the sunny days return, it’s time to start thinking about how your truck reacts to the sun and its UV rays. Different elements of your vehicle can experience damage from either the heat or radiation. Tackling these problems and preventing any damage in the first place will cost you less than repairing the aftermath. Learn how to protect your truck from the sun this spring and prepare your vehicle for another blistering summer.

Wash and Wax Your Truck

The exterior of your truck may be tough when it comes to off-road terrain, but the harsh rays of the sun are one weakness you must help your truck combat. By keeping your truck washed and waxed, you’ll prevent dirt and dust from causing tiny, harmful scratches that may crack open into large scratches during high heat and beaming sunlight.

A layer of wax adds a protective coating against UV rays and dust. It may seem like a luxurious extra step compared to a car wash, but it genuinely protects your truck’s paint job.

Check the Air Conditioning and Cooling System Before You Need Them

Checking on the air conditioning and cooling systems apply to every type of vehicle, but it’s especially true for a hard-working truck. If you plan on working your truck this spring and summer, check on its fluids and make sure the engine stays cool even in the hottest temperatures.

Additionally, ensure you can stay cool in the heat by trying the air conditioning and checking for any strange smells, sounds, or mists. You’ll also want to check your battery—leaving the air conditioning on all the time uses a lot of power.

Protect Your Truck’s Interior

Vehicle cabins can reach unreasonable temperatures in direct sunlight—hot enough to cook eggs and melt makeup. This heat can impact your dash, your steering wheel, and your seats if you don’t work to prevent it. Always park in the shade and purchase a windshield sun protector.

Consider these methods for how to protect your truck from the sun:


Wipe the dash with a microfiber cloth frequently. Much like how dust interacts with your exterior, the dust can cause tiny cracks which may expand under high heat.

Steering Wheel

A hot steering wheel is unpleasant to drive with; waiting for it to cool down isn’t always an option. Prevent your steering wheel from getting hot with a steering wheel cover that stays cool even in direct sunlight.


UV rays can cause harmful damage to any kind of seat material—especially leather. Leather seats may crack and dry out under direct sunlight. Installing truck seat protectors that stay cool in hot weather will keep your original seat material safe from direct sunlight. A hardy set of protective seat covers will resist UV rays and protect seats from wearing out.

All styles of Fia seat protectors stay cool in the heat, allowing you to sit comfortably knowing the original upholstery is safe beneath the cover. Some styles even come with full UV protection! Protect your seats with us and give your truck’s interior the care it deserves.

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