Leatherette vs. Cloth Seat Covers: Which Should You Choose?

Leatherette vs. Cloth Seat Covers: Which Should You Choose?

As you search through the many different options for seat cover materials, you’ll run into two distinct categories: leather, or leatherette, and cloth. The differences between the two options matter, not just for the sake of your vehicle’s aesthetic, but also for comfort and protection as well.

If you’re stuck deciding between leatherette vs. cloth seat covers, this guide to which you should choose can help you learn which is right for you. Keep these elements in mind when making your final decision.

Why You May Choose Leatherette Seat Covers

High-quality leatherette seat covers look and feel just like the real deal—they’re a safer option for drivers who want to protect their seats and give them a sleek appearance at the same time. With leatherette seats, you can live the life of luxury in your vehicle or add a sporty design with vibrant colors, like red or blue.

This simulated leather material is easy to clean with dish soap and warm water; you don’t need to keep children or food out of the vehicle to keep this material tidy. However, leatherette isn’t as breathable as cloth-like materials and tends to retain heat on hot days—covering the seat with a blanket before you leave the vehicle can prevent the material from feeling uncomfortable when you return.

Choose leatherette for luxurious, sporty, and beautiful seats!

How Leatherette Is Different From Leather

With a well-made leatherette seat cover, passengers will believe you have luxurious leather seats! At Fia, our simulated leather is soft like authentic leather and retains the classic look that everyone loves about leather seats.

The main differences lie in how breathable the seats are and how different colors look. Authentic leather is porous, since it’s real animal hide, making it more breathable than simulated leather. Additionally, real leather seat covers often stay closer to natural colors. Different colors appear much more vibrant in a leatherette material.

Why You May Choose Cloth Seat Covers

Cloth seat protectors come in all varieties—there are many unique subcategories for each type of fabric. Whether you simply want to keep your original seats pristine or you require heavy-duty protection for your fleet of work trucks, cloth seat covers provide plenty of options.

Some cloth seat cover materials include:

  • Neoprene
  • Saddle blanket
  • Tweed (original equipment material)
  • Protective polyester fabric

All types of cloth seat covers and protectors are easy to clean and comfortable. They prevent your seats from wearing out. Different fabrics provide different aesthetics and designs, allowing you to pick something cozy or something clean and modern.

Choose cloth seat covers for extra seat protection and soft fabrics.

Fia’s selection of custom seat covers for trucks are all comfortable and will stay in place. Which you should choose between leatherette and cloth seat covers depends on your need for protecting your seat’s interior and your personal material preferences. Browse through our materials today and start envisioning your truck with clean, protected seats.

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