Pickup Truck Modifications You Need To Make

Pickup Truck Modifications You Need To Make

You didn’t get a pickup truck only for day-to-day transportation—you got it because you love the impact and utility in its design. Whether you have a heavy-duty work pickup or a truck built for off-roading, the accessories and modifications you equip it with increase its overall potential. Outfit your truck with some of these essential pickup truck modifications you need to make to add both form and function to its tough design.

Bug Screen

The beginning of spring means rain, mud, and bugs. While your pickup can handle rain and mud just fine on its own, your grill needs a bug screen to protect the engine from bugs and debris as you drive. Bugs and debris can clog up the components under your truck’s hood—not to mention, the effect that bug guts have on your paint job and grill’s appearances. Keep your truck’s hood and grill looking shiny by protecting it with a bug screen, not just a bug deflector.

Tonneau Cover

A Tonneau cover acts as a lid for your truck’s bed. If you’re tired of cleaning leaves out of the back and want to prevent any unwanted guests from making a nest in your pickup, consider installing a cover. The cover keeps your truck bed clean and all of your cargo safe while you drive.

Floor Mats

You always need to protect the floor of your truck—especially if you take it with you on outdoor adventures. Mud and dirt can form an unappealing grime if you leave your floors unprotected. Install a custom, weatherproof floor mat to make it easier to clean up after a run through the mud or if you tragically spill any drinks onto the floor. You can also outfit your truck bed with a floor mat if you walk around in it enough.

Seat Covers

To fully protect your interior, you need to keep the upholstery of your seats safe from dirt, spills, and UV rays. Protecting your seats with custom-fit truck seat covers from Fia ensures that the original fabric doesn’t get damaged as you drive. As one of the most important pickup truck modifications you need to make, seat covers give you plenty of unique customization options to personalize your pickup’s interior with a design that fits your style. Pick your favorite color and material for a one-of-a-kind look that you can’t get from the manufacturer.

Fia custom truck seat covers offer protection from the elements and never fade. They’re easy to install and perfectly crafted to fit the shape of your seat without any looseness. Use our user-friendly vehicle selection tool to find the right seat protectors for your truck and give your heavy-duty pickup’s interior a lift.

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