Wrangler™ Series Solid

TRS40 Series

Authentic Saddleblanket – Solid Colours
Custom fit seat covers for heavy industrial use

*Product may not be exactly as shown

Authentic saddle blanket custom fit truck seat covers. Advanced design creates a dynamic state-of-the-art custom interior. Wrangler™ custom seat covers are engineered from original saddle blanket material.

  •  Warm in winter, cool in summer
  •  Wear-resistant fabrics
  •  Passes FMVSS302
  •  Hand wash, drip-dry
  •  Custom fit for most pick-up trucks, minivans and SUV’s
  •  Headrest covers included (where applicable)
  • Center armrest/console covers included (most applications)
  • Custom formed seat belt openings
  • Airbag opening (view the video)
  • Quick release buckle (no tools required)

Available Colours:

  • Solid Black

  • Solid Grey

Quick and easy installation with Super-Grip® the slip-resistant fastening system using belt and buckle fasteners, zippers (on some models) and velcro.

Super-Grip® the slip resistant fastening system is engineered to provide original equipment installation in minutes. Its simple – no tools are needed. Multi-directional stretch polyester trim molds the seat cover to the contours of the seat. Velcro fasteners and a belt’ n buckle tightening system are the finishing touches that grip the cover to the seat.

Click here to watch our seat cover installation video.


“Authentic Saddle Blanket” custom fit truck seat covers.