Should You Reupholster Your Truck or Buy Seat Covers?

What’s the best way to upgrade your truck’s seats? Read about if you should reupholster your truck or buy seat covers to revitalize the interior!

When it comes to your beloved truck, the seats may wear down over time. They might need a little extra attention, but you can’t decide how to fix them. The two primary solutions are reupholstering the seats or buying seat covers. If you need some assistance before making up your mind, read through this article to discover the best method for bringing your truck’s interior back to life.

Benefits of Reupholstering Truck Seats

If your truck’s original seats look pretty dingy, you may not want to simply put covers over them to hide the damage. Reupholstering truck seats has several benefits you should know about!

Repairing Damage

If you’re using seat covers to hide damage on the original seats, it can still lead to discomfort when driving. That’s why reupholstering seats can be beneficial for highly damaged truck seats. You can ensure the seats look good and can withstand frequent use.

Customizable Features

The newly reupholstered seats don’t have to look like the previous ones. One of the benefits of reupholstering is you can change them to whatever you desire!

Choose from a variety of colors and materials that complement your truck. You can choose from materials like leather, vinyl, or cloth. Although reupholstering is a permanent solution, it allows you to optimize your truck’s materials and designs.

Odor Reduction

After constant wear and tear, odors build up and settle in your truck’s seats. If you replace the truck’s upholstery, you also remove the lingering odors and bacteria. You’ll establish a fresh and clean vehicle that’s ready to support your travels for many more years.

Benefits of Buying Truck Seat Covers

If you’re not convinced reupholstery is the way to go, there is another option. Find out some of the amazing benefits of truck seat covers before making a decision.

Non-Permanent Solution

Are you not ready to make a final decision about your truck’s seats just yet? There’s no pressure required to install truck seat covers! Take all the time you need to find which style is perfect for your vehicle. You may even discover you want to add custom accessories for seat covers that will make the design feel complete without the need for reupholstery.


As we mentioned, just like you can specially design the upholstery of your truck, you can also customize the seat covers. Choose between a variety of materials like leather, tweed, polyester, and neoprene. Additionally, you can pick just the right color to match your truck’s interior too! If you want a special design or an additional color, you’re sure to find the exact style you’re looking for with truck seat covers.

Durable Materials

Before you customize your seat covers, pick out materials you can rely on! Each material has its own unique, durable qualities that will mesh with what your truck needs.

Tweed is resistant to flames and abrasions. Polyester and simulated leather shields against water and UV rays. No matter the type of truck, you’re sure to find a durable material that will withstand whatever endeavors you and your truck embark on.

Easy Cleaning

Upholstery in vehicles is a challenge to clean. It requires portable tools like wet-dry vacuums, portable vacuums, and high-quality conditioners.

Luckily, most seat covers are incredibly easy to clean! You can remove them as needed, then hand-wash any stains or odors from the material. Once it air-dries, simply put the covers back, and your truck is ready to drive again.

Questions To Ask Yourself

Now you’re aware of how both buying truck seat covers and reupholstering can benefit your truck. Next, you should consider answering these essential questions to decide which is the right solution for you!

What Do You Use Your Truck For?

Do you use your truck for work? Do you have children making messes in the backseat? Or do you rarely have spills and stains damaging the upholstery? Establishing the purpose and use of your truck is one of the best ways to decide if you should reupholster or buy seat covers.

Reupholstering seats is a great option to fix a problem. However, it’s your responsibility now to properly care for and keep them in pristine condition. If you believe you cannot efficiently care for reupholstered seats, seat covers may be your best option. They’re great for work trucks or taking kids on long road trips. When messes inevitably happen, you can remove the covers and wash them by hand before putting them back on the truck seats. Instead of messing with the seats that came with the car, you can manage messes without stressing about ruining the vehicle itself.

What Are the Cost Differences?

The cost of reupholstered seats is priced per seat. It ranges from $250 to $750 for each seat, not including labor costs.

However, the cost of seat covers is more affordable. You’re able to find seat covers sold in sets rather than per seat. A packaged set for seat covers starts at around $100 and can increase based on customizations and materials. It’s an economical alternative that doesn’t compromise quality.

What’s the Status of the Original Seats?

Old, worn-down seats may not be able to hold up with only a seat cover on top. When they’re immensely damaged, you might need to reupholster the seats. It can establish a proper foundation for a comfortable drive. Then, if you want to add additional luxury, you can add seat covers to safeguard the new upholstery!

Do You Plan To Sell the Vehicle Soon?

Some people buy old vehicles to fix and sell them. If you’re searching for a profit, reupholstering tattered seats is the best option! You’ll provide high-quality, sturdy seats that the next owner can enjoy.

What’s the Expected Lifespan of the Truck?

You adore your truck and want to hold onto it for as long as you can. However, leather wrinkles, cloth tears, and stains accumulate over time. If your truck is nearing the end of its lifespan, truck seat covers are an ideal solution! It provides you with the comfort and look you require while saving money in the process.

But truck seat covers aren’t only for older vehicles. If you have a truck that’s newer and needs some sprucing up, seat covers are a simple fix! With a high-quality appearance and feel, you’ll adore your truck even more than before.

Truck seat covers are an amazing choice to consider! While there are many benefits of reupholstery, seat covers can offer long-term solutions without the high cost. Find high-quality seat covers that will flawlessly fit in your truck at Fia! No matter the make or model, you’re sure to find a product that will suit your truck’s style.

Should You Reupholster Your Truck or Buy Seat Covers?

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