10 Reasons To Detail Company Vehicles Before Winter

10 Reasons To Detail Company Vehicles Before Winter

It’s always a good idea to take the initiative whenever working for a company and taking on responsibilities. Even if they don’t necessarily apply to you, by asking for them, you may eventually be granted those jobs. This will put you a step ahead of everyone else and guarantee a promotion with all your hard work. Here are ten reasons to detail company vehicles before winter to keep yourself looking inspired and ready to take on anything.

First Impressions Are Lasting Impressions

They say that first impressions are lasting impressions, and there is quite a bit of truth to that statement. When you take the time to do something extra for your employer, like detail all the company vehicles, you are showing initiative to get things done that most others haven’t yet jumped to. This tells your superiors that you are willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. Having a great work ethic never goes unnoticed, and this is a prime example of that.

Defense Against the Road Salt

One thing that plagues many people during the winter seasons when they are traveling is getting around the salt. There’s really no getting around it when the conditions are as hazardous as they are in frigid temperatures. The only thing you can do is keep your vehicle clean and detailed as much as possible to cut down on the salt deposits that will find themselves on the undercarriage of your vehicles. The issue with salt is that it chemically breaks down the metals of a vehicle, starting with the bottom side. That’s a lot of the reason why you will see rust spots develop on cars and trucks that people drive in the winter where the roads have been salted.

Overall Vehicle Protection in Winter

Salt is a huge problem during the winter, but it’s not the only hindrance to your vehicle. The cold alone can do nasty things to your ride. When you’re detailing, you will need to make sure that you lube your vehicles up and seal them as best as possible. This is to keep the dry air from cracking rubber and synthetic fixtures around the outside of the cabin. The inside will need to be oiled down and cleaned as well. By installing custom seat covers for trucks, you can cut down on the amount of cleaning and make a better impression with ease.

Snow and Ice Deterrent

When you keep your vehicle clean, it will provide a slick exterior that not only looks good but is a great deterrent at keeping snow and ice off the body of the vehicle. So, it’s less likely that the snow and ice will stick to the car if it is buffed out and clean enough. This a huge accomplishment to uphold during the winter because snow and ice leave tons of dirt and dust, which will eventually build up on your vehicles, leaving them much worse off than they were before all the winter weather.

Ice Buildup Prevention

With enough detail, ice will not build up on the exterior of your vehicles. By keeping them regularly cleaned and waxed, they will maintain themselves in the winter conditions. Ice only forms on things that it can grip to, but with wax, this slick surface doesn’t have the hardness that ice needs. If ice can get a surface cold enough and dry enough, then it will build up, but having a freshly waxed car or truck will keep the ice completely at bay. You will want to liberally apply a few coats at least once a week during the winter season with a nice wash to knock off as much dirt as you can before that fresh coat of wax goes on.

Keeping the Windows Free and Clear

This is your main way of perception while on the road, and what could be more important than keeping your vision clear? Some people drive with dirty windows and have a difficult time even looking around their vehicle, much less at a distance. This should be a priority no matter what the conditions are, and your windows need to remain free and clear always.

Falling Ice and Snow

Another condition that comes with the ice is having it fall off your vehicle while on the road. This may not affect your vehicle, but it could potentially find itself harming someone else or their vehicle. So, this is something to make yourself aware of. If you inspect your vehicle before you drive in the winter, look around for any kinds of ice that could potentially dangle and knock them off when you can see them so that you don’t potentially expose yourself to the danger that they could cause.

Keeping the Odor at Bay

Our vehicles are our way of getting around, and just like our feet, we must take care of them and keep them clean. When we travel, we live inside our vehicles, entering and exiting the cabin constantly. This is enough reason to clean them as often as possible. They stay dirty while on the road and while we inhabit them. Along with the dirt come odors, and the more we detail our vehicles on a frequent basis, the more comfortable we will be. Then, we will ultimately have positive experiences, which is what we should provide for our co-workers when we are taking care of the company vehicles.

Health and Safety

The maintenance of any vehicle means that the health and safety of the passengers are always at hand. When you keep your vehicle in good condition, both regarding its cleanliness and how it runs, then it will protect you from any kind of potential harm that could come to you while on the road. This means that simple things like keeping the windshield clear and free of debris open your visibility while you drive. Washing the tires keeps the treads clean and free of objects that would prevent the tires from stopping on a dime like they are designed to do. The same thing applies to the braking system. So, even the little things make a huge impact on how our health and safety are affected when on the road.

Identify Underlying Problems

When you keep your vehicles free and clear of dirt and debris, you will then have a clear view of what you must work with. When your vehicle remains dirty and unkempt, then you might have things going on with your car or truck that might not come to your attention because it might be disguised by the lack of overall care for the vehicle.

There are many reasons to keep your vehicle clean, but if you’re trying to do something to show your employer that you care about your job, then that is a solid reason to detail the company vehicles. If you’re considering doing something nice like this for your employer, think through the ten reasons to detail company vehicles before winter so you can be prepared to give your pitch when your employer asks why they should allow you to do it for them.

10 Reasons To Detail Company Vehicles Before Winter

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