• SL60 Series: LeatherLite™ Simulated Leather Seat Cover

    Just got and installed my SL68-22 and SL62-25 LeatherLite Seat Covers yesterday for my 2009 Silverado. VERY happy with them, material is very nice and quality seems to be great. I already know they will last a long time because I have a older set that was ordered from this company that were purchased back in 2009 and they are still in good condition, only reason I purchased new ones is because I wanted a leather sporty look to my interior. If anyone is ever looking for seat covers I would 100% recommend this company, you will be paying a couple hundred for a set but they will last a very long time.
    Dylan Kines
    Winnipeg, MB
  • General Feedback

    Specifically, these covers were SP89-43 Black for a 2019 Toyota Tacoma four-door pickup. First of all, get your Zen on before installing. (It might also be a good idea to schedule an appointment with your chiropractor for a post-installation adjustment.) Second, have a 6'-8' piece of RG-6 coax cable at the ready. Fold the coax in half, and attach the seat tie-downs to the crook of the fold in the coax, and then feed that under the seat. (Beats the hell out of the multiple hand lacerations you'll get as you try to maneuver your sightless way around the sharp metal protrusions and wire harnesses under the front seats of a Tacoma.) I believe that, in general, automobile seat cover installation is a royal pain in the ass, no matter who manufactures the covers. The key to saving time and avoiding aggravation for me was the piece of RG-6 coax cable that allowed me to feed the ties under the seat. To reiterate, this was my experience with a 2019 Tacoma. The end result was two hours I'll never get back, and my front seats protected by some decent-looking and decent-fitting seat covers. Just know that this is not a quick and easy task, it requires lots of patience.
    Jim Robinson
    Bakersfield, CA
  • WF920: Custom-Fit Truck Combination Winter Front and Bug Screen

    Grill covers on my '91 Ford 250 provided great service and protection from rocks and bugs for 30 years in Northern Ontario conditions.
    Douglas Hope
    Desbarats , Ontario
  • SL60 Series: LeatherLite™ Simulated Leather Seat Cover

    Very satisfied. Reviewed for a 2020 Toyota Tacoma — Apr 02, 2020 9:33 AM Not the easiest installation but the look and feel and great. One thing I didn't realize--that I was hoping for--was that the back of seats weren't the leatherlite fabric as well, but cloth. My son's dirty feet are still gunna be a headache. Overall, very satisfied though!
    Michael S.
    Santa Cruz, CA
  • SL60 Series: LeatherLite™ Simulated Leather Seat Cover

    My Husbands Gift The covers are highly quality and extremely comfortable. They match the interior perfectly., this was the perfect gift for my husband. My son helped him install them and once completed, he decided he is going to Order a set for himself ( he has the same truck). The only recommendation I could suggest would be to add a better guide to installing them. My husband is so very hard to buy for and he told me this was the perfect gift.
    Janet T K
    Goldsboro, NC
  • SL60 Series: LeatherLite™ Simulated Leather Seat Cover

    Game Changer These covers take time and patience but the end result is a well fit custom seat cover that completely changes the look and feel of your ride. They're comfortable and look clean and sporty as hell. I have no regrets. Just know that the install takes some effort by someone that has patience. The end result is very worth it.
    David G.
    Anderson, IN
  • SL60 Series: LeatherLite™ Simulated Leather Seat Cover

    Front Seat Covering Reviewed for a 2013 Ford F-150 — Apr 14, 2020 7:34 PM Extremely easy to install. It took longer to remove the old seat covers than it did to install the new ones. Great fit and on the seats and the center console. I was worried that the center console covering would not fit, because the old one didn't. The center console cover fits and looks wonderful.. I waited to see how well the front seat covers would look and fit before ordering the rear seat covers. Just ordered the rear covers. Well worth the price.
    Arnold F
    Lansing, MI
  • SL60 Series: LeatherLite™ Simulated Leather Seat Cover

    Great seat cover Reviewed for a 2009 Ford F-250 — Jan 31, 2020 11:52 AM I searched around for seat covers for my f250 and bought the fia seat cover. The quality is good, the installation process was not complicated. For the price it was a good purchase. Happy i bought them. Would recommend.
    Omar S
    Kenner, LA

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