• WF920: Custom-Fit Truck Combination Winter Front and Bug Screen

    Very good quality and well made. Only problem is that I have never been a big fan of stick on snaps. Under the right conditions I am sure they work well, but with a textured grill they do not work well. Can't beat the screw on snaps...that would have made this product rate excellent over all...
    Darrel K
    Cozad, NE
  • WF920: Custom-Fit Truck Combination Winter Front and Bug Screen

    I installed the Fia cover on my '05 Chevy Duramax and it was an easy install. Instructions were plain and simple. Running the cover right now in the winter, the truck warms up quicker and doesn't cool off as fast when you're decelerating down hill or shut down for a while. As far as fuel economy its helped to get between 1-3 more mpgs just with keeping it warmer.
    Justin V
    Middleburg, PA
  • WF920: Custom-Fit Truck Combination Winter Front and Bug Screen

    Easy to install in less than 30 minutes. Looks good on the vehicle.
    Keith W
    Taylorville, IL
  • General Feedback

    I purchased a set of the "Leather Lite" covers for my 2007 Ford Ranger. I got the two tone (Grey and Black). Color match was perfect for my interior. My son helped me install them. Took us about 20 mins. They look great. My only issue was the fitting around the head rest. We still have some wrinkles that we can't get out. These covers don't seem to fit as tight as the rest of them. The bottoms fit perfect and the cover for the arm rest cover fits perfect. In my opinion, it's a good addition for a good price. A lot cheaper than a full interior re-do.
    Bill Phelps
    Portsmouth, VA
  • WF920: Custom-Fit Truck Combination Winter Front and Bug Screen

    PRAISE! PRAISE! PRAISE! I have lived in Fairbanks Alaska for over 17 years. I have seen a lot of ways to cover your grill to help your engine reach and maintain operating temperature while driving. One week after installing the grill cover, the temperature dropped to -30 F through -55 F degrees for 2 weeks. The grill cover worked like a charm. Better than anything I have ever used before. The ease of installation is out of this world. The Fia front grill cover is attractive and professional looking. I will recommend this product to everyone. I work for the longest independent Tire dealership in The State of Alaska. So you will be receiving a lot of recommendations through me. The adage you get what you pay for is well proven here!
    Clayton B
    Fairbanks, AK

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