• SL60 Series: LeatherLite™; Simulated Leather Seat Cover

    Great purchase for 15’ F-150! Very premium feeling and form fitting. Solid purchase for my truck! August 26, 2018
    Alpha Juliette
  • SL60 Series: LeatherLite™; Simulated Leather Seat Cover

    My friends think I have leather ,, enough said = excellent quality and fit November 25, 2019
    Michael Adams
  • General Feedback

    Bot wrangler saddle blanket covers for front seats of my 07 Tacoma. They look great and feel strong and durable. But this shout out is for great customer service. I bot on a sale that was advertised but I was clueless as to noting the sales code thing. So got charged the full price. Figured I’d just call the company to ask why no discount and she clued me in. But the next day my card was credited So great. Many thanks
    Stephen livingston
    Christina lake, BC
  • NP90: Neo™; Neoprene Seat Cover

    They look good! Time will tell on durability. Not easy to install, but not the fault of the covers. Not super easy getting straps between the upper and lower portion of the seat. Overall, these were probably the best option for my 2015 F150 Super Cab and the most expensive.
    Scott Inman
  • TR40S Series: Wrangler™; (Solid) Saddle Blanket Seat cover

    Had these on my 2016 truck and they're still in good shape. Thicker and much better quality that the $40 junk out there. FANTASTIC customer service from the factory in Canada when I was trying to figure out exactly which model to get for my truck. Super friendly, helpful, eh?
    Jon Strebler
  • TR40 Series: Wrangler™; (Original) Saddle Blanket Seat cover

    I have bought this a couple of times... they are great....
    B. Pryde
  • OE30 Series: Original Equipment™; Tweed Seat Cover

    Just installed a set of front buckets and rear bench OE seat covers in my 2022 Ram 1500 Classic. They are tricky to install and I highly recommend removing the rear bench seats to install the rear seat covers. The fit is tight but once you get them smoothed out they look really good. I was surprised at how tight you can pull on the adjusting straps and they don't rip out. It really helps to smooth the cover out with your hand and don't be afraid to slap them around a bit. Pay close attention to the position of the cover when installing and aim for a nice centered look. Highly recommend these covers...Time will tell how well they stand up to the wear and tear but so far they look to be very durable. I am used to purchasing the saddle blanket style and these seem very similar in material durability. One thing to note is the instructions are not great and could be improved. If you have power seats you want to be careful with how you route the tensioning straps, you don't want to tie up any electric motor drive shafts by accident. I managed to figure it out but I have experience with repairing vehicles. Not a task for the mechanically challenged.
    Shane Rajotte
    Red Deer, Alberta
  • OE30 Series: Original Equipment™; Tweed Seat Cover

    2 set of FIA covers. Great fit and appearance. Match the interior well. Worth it 07/12/16
    Christopher A.

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