The Benefits of Custom-Made Seat Protectors

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Do you have a hard time finding a seat cover that fits properly? If so, a custom seat cover will be right for you. Unlike universal seat covers, custom seat covers are tailor-made for your specific truck seat. To learn more about the benefits of custom-made seat protectors, read our quick guide.

Custom-made seat protectors are seat-specific

One of the best things about custom seat protectors is that they are specific to the year, make, model, and seat in your vehicle. The perfect fit will make it easier for you to adjust your seat, and the cover will not slide or move. The right fabric will ensure that it meets your needs, such as protection, water resistance, and appearance. Here are some ways to find the right seat protector for your truck seat.

Choose fabric that has worked for you in the past

Choosing a fabric that has already worked for you will make your customization a faster and smoother process. If you are unsure about your favorite fabric, check out what reviews have said about the feel, durability, and quality. You can also reach out to us for ideas, as we have extensive knowledge about truck seat protectors.

Determine the right cover for your seat

You will need to know the year/make/model of your truck. Seat configuration is the key. Do you have front bucket seats or a 40/20/40 (able to sit a 3rd person)? Does your center portion have an armrest and/or a cushion storage compartment? Do your rear seats have any splits in the cushion or backrest, or is it a solid bench seat? Armrests coming out of the backrest are also a consideration. These are questions you will need to answer online or in person to make sure you have the right seat protector.

You will get what you pay for

Universal seat covers are designed to fit a specific seat style, regardless of seat size. For this reason, they will fit some seats better than others. Mass production of universal covers affects the price. With custom seat covers, the top companies vehicle test all seat covers. This makes it easier to find the right fit, which will affect the price range. Yes, custom seat covers cost more than universal seat covers. But getting exactly what you want makes up for the higher cost.

You can choose your favorite design

The design on a seat protector might not feel like a big deal to people who prefer comfort, but it is important to show that you take pride in your vehicle. Having an attractive design will make you feel good about driving. It will also make you more enthusiastic about driving with passengers. Do you want to match the current look in your vehicle, or change it completely? Here are some ways to choose a design.

Opt for your favorite color scheme

Choosing your favorite color scheme will affect your mood. For example, bright colors make some people feel happy and peaceful. However, you can choose whatever color scheme positively impacts your mood.

Most custom seat-covers will come in solid color or 2 tone color options. Remember that darker colors will hide spills and stains, and require less cleaning. This is a concern when you have kids, or use your truck for work every day.

Custom-made seat covers are durable

In addition to getting a mood boost from your seat’s color, you will be happy to know that custom-made seat covers are very durable. All seat covers are meant to absorb liquids after spills and protect your seat from rips. If you opt for a high-quality seat cover fabric, your seat cover will last a long time.

Custom-made seat covers will make you will feel in control

Perhaps you are often surrounded by people who try to control you. This can be frustrating. But when you get the chance to make decisions on anything custom-made, you can take back some of your control. You get to make all the decisions for yourself, and it can feel very liberating.

Custom-made seat covers are easy to install

Custom-made seat covers already have their own installation kits with all the necessary supplies. This is nice because you will not have to go out and buy anything. Unlike universal seat-covers, you will not have to worry about whether the seat cover will fit. To start, make sure you read the installation instructions carefully. Headrests may need to come off, backrest clips may need to be released, and other steps may need to be taken depending on your seat prior to installation. Quality custom seat covers will have a belt and buckle installation system, as well as some Velcro fasteners. Either way, fitting everything on is easy since you have a custom seat cover.

Custom-made seat covers are easy to clean

Because there are so many types of fabric, you can choose one that is easy to clean. These seat covers would be especially helpful if you and your family members spend a lot of time outside and tend to get dirty, or if you use your truck for work. A majority of seat cover materials can be spot cleaned, and in general, hand wash and hang dry are the safest ways to clean your seat covers. Neoprene, however, has some different cleaning instructions.

Neoprene seat covers

Before you use any type of solution to clean your seat cover, wipe or vacuum the dirt off its surface. Then you will need neoprene shampoo. However, if you do not have that, you can easily make your own cleaning solution. All you need to do is mix two gallons of warm water with one to two tablespoons of laundry detergent in a bucket. You should mix the solution until it looks very soapy. Then take a sponge, put it deep in the bucket, wipe down the seat cover, rinse the seat cover, and let it dry. This process sounds like a lot of steps, but it does not take long.

Hopefully, you will find these benefits of custom-made seat protectors helpful when deciding what kind of seat cover to buy. If you still have any trouble finding seat covers, we have many options.

The Benefits of Custom-Made Seat Protectors


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