The Benefits of LeatherLite Seat Covers

The Benefits of LeatherLite Seat Covers

Seat covers are great options for those looking to protect their car’s interior. But, aside from protection, most covers don’t offer much else. Here at Fia, our LeatherLite seat covers provide drivers with more benefits than the other options out there. Read this article to learn about the benefits of LeatherLite seat covers.

Easy Installation

LeatherLite seat covers provide drivers with a hassle-free installation. Equipped with Super-Grip®, the slip-resistant fastening system, these covers are installed using belt and buckle fasteners, zippers, and Velcro. The multidirectional polyester trim molds to the contours of your seat, guaranteeing you a great hold and fit. You won’t have to worry about your seat covers slipping and sliding with our LeatherLite series.

Reliable Fabric

LeatherLite seat covers also provide drivers with a fabric they can rely on. They are water repellent, giving drivers peace of mind knowing their seats are protected from accidental spills. They’re also washable for the spills and stains that are, ultimately, inevitable. With easy installation, removal is simple. You won’t have to fret about cleaning your seat covers with our LeatherLite series.

Protection From the Sun

The sun’s ultraviolet rays can damage your car’s interior, including the car seats. After so much time spent in the sun, it’s likely your car’s upholstery will feel the effects of the sun. If you currently have cloth seats, after a while, they may begin to fade because of the UV rays. If you have leather seats, chances are the sun has already begun to dry out the natural oils in the leather.

This can lead your car seats to stiffen up and crack. Luckily, our LeatherLite covers come with full ultraviolet protection. You won’t have to worry about the sun damaging your car seats any longer. And if your leather seats already show signs of sun damage, our LeatherLite series can be a great replacement to preserve your car’s look.


The last benefit to these car seat covers is their variety. Our LeatherLite series comes in a few different colors to provide drivers with the look they want. Below are the available options:

  • Black Center Panels – with black side panels
  • Gray Center Panels – with black side panels
  • Blue Center Panels – with black side panels
  • Red Center Panels – with black side panels

The benefits of LeatherLite seat covers make them a great choice for your car. If you’re looking for custom seat protectors, you can visit our website. Here at Fia, we have something for every driver.

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