The Benefits of Using Winter Fronts for Semi-Trucks

The Benefits of Using Winter Fronts for Semi-Trucks

Protecting your truck is one of your top priorities, but when it comes to the winter season, are you doing everything you can to protect your engine? If you aren’t using a winter front, your truck is at a disadvantage. The benefits of using winter fronts for semi-trucks are imperative. Read this article to learn more about them and what they can do for your truck.

Less Fuel Consumption

Driving in the winter can consume a lot of your fuel. If you are driving far distances, you will benefit from using a winter front screen because you’ll be utilizing less fuel. This is because a winter front will assist your truck in reaching its ideal temperature much faster than it would without it, thus resulting in the use of less fuel.

Warmer Cab

Using a winter front will help keep your cab warm. You will notice a big difference in how quickly you are able to warm-up your cab after a few hours of having your engine off. This will help increase the overall comfort of your drives. It will also get you back on the road quicker than you were able to do so in the past.

Protection From the Weather

An important feature of winter fronts is the ability t to protect your engine from the environment. Winter is a particularly dangerous time for your semi-truck. Things such as snow and hail can really do damage to your engine if it’s not protected. By using a winter front, you’re able to protect your truck from the things that are out of your control.

The Benefits of Using Fia

Now that you know the benefits of using a winter front for semi-trucks, you can learn about the benefits of using our winter fronts, which you can find below.

Custom-Fit Big Truck Winter Front and Bug Screen Combination

  • Custom-Fit options are available for most models.
  • Heavy-duty quilted vinyl design.
  • Heavy mesh bug screen to keep your engine free of bugs and debris.
  • Available for use in the winter and summer.
  • Easy installation with No-Drill Stick-A-Stud™.
  • Optional screw on stud hardware included.

For your winter fronts and truck bug screens, consider going with Fia. We can provide you with the quality and protection your truck deserves. If you want to find out if a winter front is right for your truck, give us a call. Our experts are always ready to help.

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