The Best Seat Covers for Sports and Outdoor Enthusiasts

The Best Seat Covers for Sports and Outdoor Enthusiasts

Enjoying the outdoors means putting a lot of miles on your vehicle’s seat covers, and they will most likely encounter a fair bit of dirt and dander while you’re off-roading and camping. Make sure you have the most stable materials to keep up with your active lifestyle. To accommodate your outdoor adventures, your seat covers should be durable, easy to clean, and able to last for years without any breakdown. Here is a brief guide to the best seat covers for sports and outdoor enthusiasts.

Classic Canvas

No material has seen action like canvas has. No fabric could compare to this one’s ability to repel most dirt and stains—it’s even used by the military for duffle bags and uniforms. Canvas often feels rough at the beginning due to its tight weave, but its texture softens as it wears. You can be sure that your seat covers will never wear out or suffer holes if they are crafted from canvas.

Saddle Blanket

This course material is much like a canvas, but it typically comes with a faded or deep-weaved design to hide blemishes. It washes easily and dries quickly. It rarely collects dirt and wipes clean, so maintenance is not needed often. However, you might want to vacuum your seats at least once a month to keep the dust to a minimum. This is an ideal material for outdoorsmen, as it wears very slowly and can take a real beating day after day without showing any signs of wear.


Initially used in WWII for divers’ wet suits, this material can do it all. It is branded a synthetic rubber but repels just about anything, from dirt and water to heat. One great feature is that it looks new from the moment you install it and will last for years without fading or wrinkling. You’ll enjoy this material, as neoprene seat covers are at the top of their class. They will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, all while looking stylish and remaining clean.


If patterns don’t bother you, then camouflage might be the right choice. A decent material with a realistic camouflage pattern can hide anything, including yourself. Just put on a camouflage shirt, and you’ll blend right in, making it easier to birdwatch, hunt, or simply disappear for a while.

If you’re looking for the best in the business or have questions about which seat covers might suit your needs, drop Fia a line. We have the best seat covers for sports and outdoor enthusiasts and are happy to answer any questions you may have.

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