The Best Way To Avoid Sizzling Upholstery in the Summer

The Best Way To Avoid Sizzling Upholstery in the Summer

No matter what kind of upholstery you have, you must take proper care of it in the summer. In many cases, this pertains to leather, but it doesn’t have to. You must protect any upholstery from drying and cracking from the heat.

You can take several measures to help prevent this, especially in the summer when the temperatures are at their highest. Here are the best ways to avoid sizzling upholstery in summer so you can protect your truck’s interior.

Sun Visors

Sun visors are one of the least utilized tools that people can have in their arsenal to help combat the damaging effects of the sun year-round. If you didn’t realize it yet, you could bake at the temperatures inside your vehicle when the air conditioner isn’t running.

Not only is there direct heat beaming down at your vehicle’s interior, but it’s cooking from the inside out with all of the heat that builds inside during the day. You can park in the shade or invest in tinted windows, but that will be an expense, and it doesn’t completely mitigate the heat. By using sun visors, you will repel most of the heat and UV light that damage the interior.


Not as frequently used, conditioners will help gloss over any cracks or wrinkles in your upholstery if it needs repairs. It will also help moisturize the upholstery to keep the fibers and material conditioned to prevent it from drying out. This must be done only a few times per year unless you have no other protection for your upholstery, where you might find yourself applying it more.

Seat Covers

The ultimate defense against all heat and sun exposure is having quality seat covers installed. If you own a truck, you’ll want custom seat covers for trucks as not all truck seat covers are made equal. That is across the board for seat covers, so make sure you’re buying exactly what your vehicle needs.

Hopefully, you are now well versed in the best ways to avoid sizzling upholstery in summer. You shouldn’t have to suffer and neither should your truck’s interior.

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