The Pros and Cons of Leather Seats in Trucks

The Pros and Cons of Leather Seats in Trucks

Are you shopping for a new truck or searching for seat covers to upgrade your current vehicle? If you find yourself in either scenario and aren’t sure what material to go with for the interior of your car, bear in mind that one of the most favored materials on the market is leather.

Although leather is a hot topic, there are features that you might not know about the natural material. Review the pros and cons of leather seats to find out if they’re the right choice for your truck.

Pro – Leather Has a Luxurious Look

Leather is praised for its polished, luxurious appearance that cloth and synthetic materials cannot replicate. Driving to and from work or embarking on a road trip becomes more satisfying when you’re sitting in leather seats. The soft sensation paired with the extremely comfortable design makes leather one of the most desired, high-end materials for trucks.

Con – Leather Is Prone to Sun Damage

Not every truck owner has the luxury of parking in a garage or beneath a covered area. As days pass and the truck cooks in the sun, its leather seats can start to degrade.

It’s important to keep leather away from direct sunlight and ensure it receives proper conditioning to remain luxurious. Too much sun exposure heats the leather and causes the oils and moisture to evaporate. In turn, the leather can fade, feel stiff, or crack.

Pro – Leather Is Simple To Clean

The key to caring for leather seats is to clean up messes as quickly as possible. Leather is a porous material; it will absorb liquids or stains rapidly.

Luckily, it doesn’t take much to clean leather as long as you tend to spills promptly. A minimal amount of leather cleaning solution and a soft cloth will remove blemishes with ease.

Con – Leather Is a Challenge To Maintain

Despite the ease of cleaning, leather isn’t the simplest material to maintain. The porous material is ready to soak up whatever substances sit on the surface. Failing to clean spills or crumbs can cause permanent stains.

Wipe down and vacuum leather seats every two to four weeks. And remember to apply a leather conditioner every three to four months. The conditioner will prevent cracking and restore the leather’s moisture level.

Pro – Leather Is Especially Durable

Although the cons of leather truck seats might seem intimidating, one of the greatest pros is that they’re wonderfully durable! Cloth seats are likely to rip under pressure and require reupholstering.

Leather is a great option for heavy-duty truck seat covers. The strong, natural material can withstand spills and impacts. As long as you keep up with the required maintenance, leather can be the material you desire.

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