Tips for Fleet Maintenance in the Winter

Tips for Fleet Maintenance in the Winter

The efficiency of your business hinges on how well your fleet of company vehicles or trucks functions, especially during the winter. As the manager of a fleet, you must set your drivers up for success by properly maintaining their vehicles. Whether you run a fleet of vans or semi-trucks, we have you covered with some of the most important tips for fleet maintenance in the winter.

Check the Fluids

Just like any other vehicle during the winter, the cold temperatures and brutal weather patterns take a toll on your fleet vehicles. Perform regular checks on your vehicles’ fluid levels to ensure they are at acceptable levels. You may have your employees check their own vehicles and take note of these levels before and after their shifts.

A Note About Fuel Levels

Winter can cause fuel to freeze if the temperatures drop low enough. In diesel vehicles, the fuel may gel up and clog the fuel filter, leading to severe engine problems. Avoid these problems by keeping fuel levels above 50 percent while the vehicle is at rest. Diesel trucks may idle in cold climates to avoid diesel gelling.

Maintain Your Tire Pressure and Tread

Fleet vehicles cover a lot of mileage and rely on proper tire maintenance to keep their grip on the road during hazardous, slippery weather. Ensure the tires maintain a safe tire pressure for winter—the pressure should be higher during the winter due to the colder temperatures. Make sure the tread is still intact to avoid slipping. Without enough tread, not even tire chains can stop a vehicle from slipping.

For semi-truck fleets, purchase high-quality tire chains—don’t buy cheap chains that aren’t built for the road. Some truckers improvise with flimsy dog chains and cause disastrous accidents in slippery conditions. Train your drivers to remove chains as soon as they’re no longer necessary to avoid tire or road damage.

Install Winter Fronts

A cold engine can easily lead to engine damage if not monitored. An essential tip for fleet maintenance thiswinter is to keep your fleet vehicles’ engines warm by installing winter fronts on all of them. Winter fronts make it more difficult for cold air to pierce the grill of the vehicle and allow the engine to stay warm, which, in turn, keeps the cabin cozy and comfortable.

At Fia, we offer tool-free installation, custom-fit winter fronts for any vehicle. If you’re seeking an easy-to-install truck winter front that any driver in your fleet can handle, browse our collection and search for your fleet vehicle. With our winter front and cozy custom-fit seat cover products, your drivers will stay warm this season.

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