Tips for Installing a Center Console Cover

Tips for Installing a Center Console Cover

Protecting your vehicle’s interior is important to keep it feeling and looking new. But no matter what you do, over time, regular use can begin to take its toll on your vehicle’s interior. One area in particular that tends to be hit the hardest is your center console. From rips, scratches, and stains, it eventually stops looking so great. Luckily, you can install a center console cover to protect it and improve the look of the overall interior. If you decide to do this, you’ll want to read over these tips for installing a center console cover.

How Fia Can Help You Protect Your Car’s Interior

Before we discuss installation tips, we want to emphasize the importance of caring for your car’s interior. Here at Fia, we carry a wide variety of custom seat protectors. Our covers provide the best fit and protection for your car. From cars, to trucks, to SUVs, we have an option for every driver. Be sure to explore our website for all available options.

Tips To Make the Installation Easier

All Fia custom seat covers come with center console covers where applicable. Here are some tips to ensure you finish with a snug and secure fit.

Be Sure You’re Installing the Cover Correctly

Fia center console covers are designed to cover the seating area when a 3rd person sits in the front seat. This would be with the center armrest in the up position. You should have a cover for the cushion and backrest.

If you have storage in the seating area of the center portion, you would get a lid cover/cushion cover. Some applications may have an armrest lid cover as well. If installed correctly, all storage compartments should be accessible, and lids should open and close with no issues.

Follow Installation Instructions

Some center consoles have headrests on them that may need to be removed in order to install the cover.

Not all center consoles are the same. Some may require attaching adhesive Velcro to the inside of the storage compartment or to a cup holder for the cover to be installed properly. When using adhesive Velcro, always clean the surface with alcohol to remove any oils or cleaner residue before applying to the surface.

These tips will make installing your center console cover a breeze. For any questions regarding our products or for additional ways Fia can help keep your vehicle looking great, give us a call!

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