Tips for Keeping the Interior of Your Work Van Clean

Tips for Keeping the Interior of Your Work Van Clean

If you work out of a van, you know that your vehicle’s cleanliness represents both yourself and your company. Clients may not get more than a glimpse into your vehicle, but if you must rifle through unorganized documents or garbage to find something you need, it may cost you time and reflect poorly on your work ethic. Keep your four-wheeled office tidy while moving from job to job with these tips for keeping the interior of your work van clean. Maintain a professional air of authority while you work.

Organize Essential Documents in the Front

Since your van is your office, you’ll have plenty of documents to bring along for the ride. Packets of service information, forms for clients to fill out, and invoices can take up plenty of space in the front of the vehicle and may become disorganized over time. Always keep a method of file storage in your van, whether it’s a small metal filing cabinet or a fabric file organizer. Even a small box with folder separators can get the job done—just don’t keep loose papers around the vehicle.

Dedicate a Day To Cleaning Out Your Interior

Making cleanliness a routine can make it easier to clean the vehicle in the future. Set a date each month for reorganizing and cleaning the inside of your work van—both the cabin and the storage in the back. Some months you may have less to do than others, but if you keep up your regular cleanings, it will become less and less of an effort to clean.

Keep Your Most-Used Items Toward the Door

Having the necessary equipment at the ready can save you a lot of extra effort when you start a job. Digging around in the back for the right tool can become frustrating, especially when it’s a tool you’ll always need. Utilize the vertical space on your doors to keep the tools you need most often—hammers, drills, and flashlights, to name a few. By optimizing your storage space, you’ll find it easier and faster to grab your tools and get to work.

Protect Your Seats With Seat Covers

Your job can be messy at times, whether with oil, mud, or grease. Naturally, these substances can make their way into your vehicle and onto your seats. Dirty seats are more difficult to clean than anything else inside your van—and if your vehicle is part of a fleet, you must prioritize keeping those seats clean.

Heavy-duty seat covers are easier to clean and can handle the stress of your job day after day, making them one of the most essential items for keeping the interior of your work van clean.

Whether you’re a self-employed contractor or you work in a fleet, Fia work van, truck, and fleet seat covers will keep your original seats protected from the demands of your job.

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