Tips for Keeping Your Jeep’s Interior Clean

Tips for Keeping Your Jeep’s Interior Clean

Sports enthusiasts and thrill seekers are typically people who own Jeeps. When you have a sweet ride that can go offroad whenever you want, it’s impossible to keep it from getting dirty.

It’s one thing to have fun and drive around without remorse in your vehicle, but eventually, you’ll want to restore it to its original shine. The interior will also need some care, so here are just a few tips for keeping your Jeep’s interior clean after those long outdoor excursions.

Your First Line of Defense

Floor mats are a must for all cars, but especially Jeeps. Rubber floor mats don’t require extensive cleaning and will help keep down the dirtiness of your Jeep’s interior. Ideally, the more rugged and sturdy the floor mat, the better protection you will get from it.

There are many large and resilient mats to choose from, so don’t be shy. What’s cool about these things is that they make cleaning a breeze. Just remove the mat, shake it out, rinse it well and let it dry! The rest is spot cleaning.

Clean and Polish Your Dash

The dashboard is always a problem area for most vehicles because air ducts constantly blow dust and particles around. Because the air is circulating from this area, dust will collect quickly, so dashboards need frequent cleaning. Keep a dust cloth and some cleaner in your car’s glove compartment for a quick clean.

Vacuum and Spot Clean

Finally, the most important thing you should do regularly is vacuum and spot clean. Doing this regularly, such as once a week, will keep your vehicle clean.

On occasions when you’re out adventuring and off-roading, you’ll want to clean right after the ride. The best thing to do is thoroughly vacuum up as much as possible, and then use carpet cleaner or cleaners designed specifically for custom neoprene seat covers. They require specialized cleaners that won’t harm the integrity of the materials.

This list is a good start if you need basic tips for keeping your Jeep’s interior clean. Many other resources are available, but this list covers the basics.

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