Universal vs. Custom Seat Covers: What’s the Difference?

Universal vs. Custom Seat Covers: What’s the Difference?

Purchasing brand new seat covers for your vehicle comes with its fair share of specific terminology you need to learn before coming to your final decision. Two terms that make a difference in your seat cover shopping experience are “universal” and “custom.”

Paying attention to the type of seat cover you buy for your vehicle will ensure that you pick the right product on your first try. Knowing the differences between universal versus custom seat covers will help you choose something that offers a snug, perfectly contoured fit.

Universal Seat Covers

Universal seat covers generally come at a lower price point than custom seat covers, but they are designed to fit a general seat style (e.g., bucket seats) and not a specific vehicle. Though they may be made from the same materials that the manufacturer uses for their other products, there’s no guarantee that they’ll fit your car seat perfectly. You may face looseness. The product could also be too small for your seats.

Additionally, seat covers don’t always include an airbag-friendly design. If your vehicle has side airbags built into the seat, you should purchase custom seat covers that take the safety features of your vehicle into account. Also, they may not include a headrest or central console cover unless the headrest is built into the seat.

Universal Seat Cover Features: Lower cost, designed to fit a wide range of vehicles, may not exactly fit your vehicle, and may not include side airbag opening.

Custom Seat Covers

While you may pay more than you would for universal seat covers, custom seat covers make up for the price in how perfectly tailored they are for your vehicle’s unique design. Your seat cover manufacturer will have options for all different kinds of vehicles—including trucks, work vans, and SUVs. The customized seat covers include covers for your center console and headrest along with openings for side airbags, when necessary.

The fit of a custom seat cover is snug, but not too small. At Fia, we make installation easy with our Super-Grip technology that combines strong Velcro with buckles and belts. Your seat will look good while remaining protected against UV rays, spills, and wear.

Custom Seat Cover Features: Higher cost, perfectly snug fit for your vehicle, airbag openings, easy installation, center console cover (where applicable), and headrest covers.

Fia manufactures both universal and custom seat covers with luxurious materials and a diverse selection of styles. Ultimately, when it comes down to the differences between universal and custom seat covers, it’s hard to beat the exact fit and features of a customized seat protector—especially if you’re protecting a vehicle you’ll have for a while. Whether you’re looking for custom-made seat covers for SUVs or searching for the best seat protectors to outfit your fleet vehicles, browse the options at Fia to find the product that’s right for you.

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