Ways To Extend the Lives of Your Fleet Vehicles

Ways To Extend the Lives of Your Fleet Vehicles

If you own a fleet of business vehicles, you know the kind of stress they undergo every day. Your drivers rely on their fleet vehicle to take them from job to job or destination to destination—if anything happens to their work vehicle along the way, it can interrupt their schedule and cost your business money and even repeat customers. Finding ways to extend the lives of your fleet vehicles can keep your business moving smoothly and save you from needing to invest in costly repairs or new vehicles.

Keep up Your Routine Maintenance

Just like how your personal vehicle needs an annual checkup, so do your fleet vehicles. Don’t skip out on regular oil changes and fluid level checks. Make a maintenance checklist for your drivers to complete around the same time each year so that it doesn’t fall entirely on you to do maintenance for the entire fleet. You may decide to check a few vehicles yourself just to ensure that your employees are completing maintenance checklists correctly.

Be sure to keep track of every vehicle’s driver history. This will help you form a timeline and locate employees (or ex-employees) that may have violated their work vehicle contract. Keep every maintenance checklist on file and separated by vehicle for your own records.

Repair Vehicles Immediately After a Problem Arises

As soon as a repair light turns on or a driver notices a strange sound from the vehicle, investigate it. You may not think it’s a large issue, but even taking care of a minor problem immediately is an essential way to extend the lives of your fleet vehicles. Minor vehicle issues can escalate into larger, scarier problems with enough time—costing you more money than it would be to complete the smaller repairs and putting your employees at unnecessary risk. Ensure that your drivers know to inform you of any vehicle issues immediately when they notice them.

Protect Your Vehicles’ Interiors

Repairing the interior of your fleet vehicles can cost you just as much money as a mechanical repair. Modify the interior of your company vehicles with all the protective accessories they need to keep the interior clean and organized. Protecting the interior will make the vehicle easier to clean and improve your company’s overall image.

Consider installing some of these accessories in your fleet vehicles to keep them clean and organized:

  • Seat covers
  • Floor mats
  • Car vacuum
  • Fleet vehicle desk
  • File organizer
  • Sunshade

Protective seat covers are an essential addition to any fleet of commercial vans or trucks. They make the interior easy to clean while keeping the original seats perfectly intact. Fia specializes in providing fleet vehicles with durable, custom-made seat covers that snugly protect your exact make and model of fleet vehicle. Trust us to keep your fleet’s upholstery shielded and your drivers comfortable as they work.

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