What To Know Before Putting Seat Covers on Heated Seats

What To Know Before Putting Seat Covers on Heated Seats

Vehicles with heated seats are often the types of vehicles you’d want to install seat protectors in—but is it safe? There are a few things you must consider before you purchase seat covers for your heated seats, especially if you’re concerned about damaging your seats or your seat heater. As long as you educate yourself on what to know before putting seat covers on heated seats, your seat covers and seat heaters will coexist in your vehicle without any issues.

Check the Vehicle’s Manual

When in doubt, always consult your user manual for your vehicle. The booklet may contain important information about how the vehicle handles seat covers on its heated seats. Heated seats include a thermostat that, much like how the thermostat in your house works, will heat the seat to the ideal temperature before turning off, then restart once the seats begin cooling off. So long as the seat doesn’t have too high of a temperature, it shouldn’t impact your seat cover.

If the owner’s manual doesn’t mention anything about seat covers and heated seats, ask your dealership about it!

Will Seat Covers Make Heated Seats Lose Effectiveness?

Just like anything that comes between you and a hot object, seat covers will slightly affect the effectiveness of your heated seat system—but you may not even notice. The only thing you might notice is that the seats heat up more slowly or become less hot with seat covers on. It’s not a major difference, however, and won’t severely impact how effective the heated seats are.

Do Seat Covers Work With Aftermarket Seat Heaters?

Not all seats come heated with the vehicle at its purchase. If you purchase an aftermarket seat heater or a set of seat heaters separately from your dealership, will it affect your seat covers? This final item on your list of what to know before putting seat covers on heated seats falls on the proper installation of the seat heater. If you install the seat heater under the original seat material—not between the seat and seat cover—you won’t need to worry about endangering your covers.

At Fia, our truck seat protectors complement your heated seats—especially if you choose one of the custom covers that we design for your vehicle’s make and model. For comfortable seat covers that won’t detract from your heated seats, we recommend our breathable, neoprene Neo™ series to keep your whole body feeling toasty warm. Contact our team with any further questions or for personalized recommendations.

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