What You Need to Know About Seat Covers and Airbags

What You Need to Know About Seat Covers and Airbags

Safety should always be the first thing that comes to mind with any automobile, but that isn’t always the case. Most people love the aesthetic their vehicle can give, which becomes their top priority. However, what you should know about seat covers and airbags is that they aren’t always compatible, and this is why.

Seat Cover Alteration

Before buying any seat covers for your vehicle, you should inspect your car’s upholstery and get to know it personally. Remember its shape and where the airbags are.

This is crucial because the function of those airbags needs to remain intact, even after you make alterations to the vehicle. This will ensure the safety of the vehicle passengers at all times.

The Two Should Never Mix

If you have a vehicle with truck seat protectors specially designed for your seats, make sure they don’t have ripstop seams. This is so that they can break away during deployment when the air bags release. If the seat covers don’t tear out, they could obstruct the side airbags, and you and your passengers could end up seriously injured.

Things Should Operate Cohesively

Ideally, you want the combination of your seat covers and airbags to work together as smoothly as possible. Remember, they weren’t both installed into the vehicle together when it came from the manufacturing plant. Therefore, it’ll be up to you, the owner, to ensure that they work with one another and not against each other.

Everyone should always check their owner’s manual thoroughly before installing anything that might alter something crucial to their vehicle’s performance. Seat covers may not seem like a huge deal until you need your airbags to work for you after a nasty collision or worse. Then, you’re really in trouble.

What you need to know about seat covers and airbags is that they can work together. But you should get ones the manufacturer has carefully designed to work together during operation.

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