Why Are Car and Truck Grilles Getting Bigger?

Why Are Car and Truck Grilles Getting Bigger?

Have you ever looked at a car and wondered why the grille is such a prominent component? The automotive world is tricky to understand at times, but don’t worry! Continue reading to find out why car and truck grilles keep getting bigger.

The Primary Function of Grilles: Keeping Your Car Cool

Grilles serve a great purpose for cars and trucks alike. Vehicles burn gas to create thermal energy that’s then converted into mechanical energy. As the engine and transmission work tirelessly to keep the vehicle running, the temperature begins to rise.

Overheating is a common issue for engines and transmissions. Therefore, the grille serves as an additional tool to keep your car cool.

Unrestricted air flows in and out of the grille to ensure proper ventilation. The absence of a grille would increase the potential of the radiator overheating.

The Purpose of Bigger Grilles

What’s the reason behind bigger and bigger car and truck grilles? Radiators also work inside the engines to make sure stay cool. So, there must be other purposes for larger grilles, right?

Proper Airflow When Towing Heavy Loads

Trucks are known for their incredible hauling capabilities. If any vehicle needs a larger grille to maximize airflow, it’s a truck.

Underneath the hood endures higher temperatures than the average car or truck. When there are 4,000 pounds or more of weight on the back end, the truck works much harder. It needs the additional coverage to guarantee regulated temperature.

Cosmetic Upgrade

Cars require much less air flow; they can hold a maximum of about 800 pounds, depending on the vehicle’s make and model. This is significantly less than the capacity of a truck.

Rather than increase the airflow, car companies are making a statement with their vehicles’ designs through the grille’s size and style. The prominent grille becomes recognizable as you see the car driving along the road.

The purpose of grilles might not have been what you originally thought before reading. It’s clear to see how grilles enhance the mechanical features of the engine and the radiator as well the overall appearance of a vehicle. They provide efficient airflow to the engine and on-trend style!

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