6 Ways To Keep Pet Hair Out of Your Truck

6 Ways To Keep Pet Hair Out of Your Truck

Vet appointments aren’t the only times your pet gets into the vehicle. They also love to join you on holidays with the family, camping adventures, and playtime at the dog park! The only aspect that might trouble you about bringing your pet for rides in the truck is the pesky pet hair! Read on to discover six practical ways to keep pet hair out of your truck.

Brush Your Pet Thoroughly Before a Car Ride

Brushing your pet can create a mess in your house. However, avoiding regular brushing will make an even bigger mess when your pet rides shotgun.

Shedding is normal for most pets. They grow thick winter coats and shed them in the warmer seasons to stay cool. Pets that don’t receive regular brushing or grooming are more likely to shed all over your home and truck. Their fur will likely stick to your vehicle’s seats when they join you for a car ride. Regardless of the mess, brushing your pet before getting into the car will decrease the amount of fur they shed. The brushing process removes loose hairs and dead skin cells lingering on their body. It also fluffs the undercoat, so your companion will look and feel great!

The length of your dog’s fur doesn’t matter here. No matter the breed, grooming your pet is essential for their health. Baths, de-shedding shampoos, a shedding brush, and a regular brush can help you remove any loose fur from your pet’s coat. Plus, your pet will feel much better with a freshly groomed coat!

Choose the Right Pet Hair Removal Tools

The tricky thing about pet hair is figuring out how to remove it from surfaces. Bulky vacuums are great for hardwood floors and carpets. Lint rollers work well to remove hair from clothing. What are the most efficient pet hair removal techniques for a vehicle’s interior?

Rubber is helpful for pet hair removal. It increases static electricity, so the hair sticks to it rather than the surface it’s sitting on. Two hair removal tools made of rubber work well on car seats, floorboards, the dashboard, and the interior of the doors.

A handheld brush with rubber bristles is a great tool to keep in your vehicle. The bristles grip fur and prevent the hairs from falling back onto the seat. Another option is a rubber glove like the ones you use for cleaning dishes in the kitchen. Dampen the gloves and wipe any furry surfaces with them to pick up pet hair.

A few other options make cleaning your truck easy. Lint rollers are great for spot-cleaning small amounts of fur on your clothes or the truck seats. A portable vacuum is ideal for eliminating large quantities of pet hair. It will also suck up crumbs, dust, and any other debris in your truck.

Store Those Tools in Your Truck

Finding the right tools is half of the battle. Now, you need to stick to a schedule for cleaning pet hair, which can be troublesome when you don’t have the aforementioned tools in the truck with you. The trick to cleaning up after your pup is to keep all of these tools in your truck. Store them in a plastic container in the truck bed or on the floor. When it’s time to clean, these tools are easily accessible!

Clean the Seats as Soon as Possible

It’s easy to let your dog hop out of the backseat and go about your day without cleaning up any pet hair. Even if you brush and bathe your dog before a car ride, fur will accumulate inside the truck. Maintain a fur-free vehicle by cleaning up the interior as soon as you can. Use those pet hair removal tools as soon as you return home with your pet to keep your truck looking spick-and-span!

Designate a Seat for Your Pet

Dogs love to explore and get into trouble. It doesn’t matter if they’re running in the backyard, scavenging for food in the kitchen, or sitting in the car for a road trip. They are always eager to play!

Playtime also causes shedding. You’ve watched your pup get the zoomies in the backyard. Their fur floats in the wind and flutters into another yard.

Your dog’s excitement in the car can lead to the same result. The fur will settle inside the truck, so designate a spot for your pup to sit throughout the car ride. Consider a barrier to the front seat, a secured crate, a harness and seat belt restraint, or a backseat hammock for your companion. When your pet stays in their designated area, the fur will also stay put. Establish a specific spot for your beloved companion in order to keep the truck clean and your pup protected.

Utilize Easy-To-Clean Seat Covers

The final step to keeping pet hair out of your truck is to invest in easy-to-clean seat covers. At one point or another, fur will accumulate on the floor and seats. It’s an inevitable part of taking your dog along for rides!

Your furry friend can’t damage your vehicle’s original seats when you protect them with seat covers. Seat covers will safeguard the seats from claw marks, and you won’t have to worry about anything your dog brings in from the outdoors, like mud, sticks, or pollen.

Adding seat covers and designating a seat for your dog will result in a better-looking vehicle interior. Limiting your pet’s movement in the truck will reduce how much they shed on the seats. Plus, cleaning the seat covers is much easier than cleaning the seats themselves!

Fitted neoprene seat covers are perfect because they are easy to remove and clean. The quick-release buckle doesn’t require any tools. Take off the seat covers whenever necessary for a vacuum and hand wash. Once the seat covers are dry, return them to the seats so they can continue protecting your truck seats. Your pets are part of the family, so bring them along for car rides and road trips! Even though their shedding can be bothersome, you can keep your truck’s interior clean with these six methods.

6 Ways To Keep Pet Hair Out of Your Truck

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