Picking the Right Seat Cover Material for Your Work Truck

Picking the Right Seat Cover Material for Your Work Truck

When it comes to your work truck, messes and stains are bound to happen. As time goes on, the seats in particular can take on damage or a disheveled look. Luckily, there are steps you can take to prevent this. Custom seat covers protect your work truck from everyday hauling, spills, and wear-and-tear. But when it comes to choosing and purchasing your seat covers, a great many options abound. With our helpful guide here, picking the right seat cover material for your work truck just got a whole lot easier.

What To Protect Your Work Truck Against

Before we can decipher which seat cover materials are best for protecting your work truck, it’s important to discuss what you actually need to protect against. This will create a foundational understanding of which option would be best for you.

The Sun and Its Rays

When it comes to your work truck, you want to protect it against the many things that damage all vehicles, no matter their purpose. This includes UV rays from the sun. When your truck is parked outside on a bright sunny day, chances are, the sun’s rays are already baking up your interior.

If you have leather seats, this can cause them to become stiff and dry. The leather’s natural oils begin to deteriorate. And after some time, the leather may begin to crack. The sun damages other materials as well, causing colors to fade. The heat of the sun can also set it in any spills or stains that are currently on your seats, causing permanent damage to the material.

Spills and Stains

Whether you’re hauling paint or coffee, being constantly on-the-go can begin to take a toll on your truck’s interior. You’re going to want to protect your seats from the everyday spills and stains that come with the job. After a certain amount of time, they become inevitable.

If you have a lease or a set date to return your work truck, don’t lose your damage deposit to stains that could have been avoided. Instead, protect against them, and when it’s time to return your truck, you can remove the covers as if nothing ever happened.

Wear and Tear

No matter if you use your truck for light, medium, or heavy industrial use, you’re going to want to protect it against the wear and tear that comes with the job. Hauling tools and supplies all day can eventually deteriorate the quality of your seats. And if you’re not careful, tears and rips are bound to happen. You want to be sure to protect against these types of everyday mishaps.

The Best Features for Work Trucks

Consider the features you want when deciding on a fabric that is best for your truck’s care. Below are a few benefits you want to look for when making your choice.

Waterproof and Water Resistant

These two categories tend to be used interchangeably. However, they do carry two distinct definitions. For your custom seat covers, you’re going to want to go with a choice that offers at least one of the two. Waterproof covers typically mean they are made out of a fabric that is impenetrable to any liquids. Water-resistant covers, on the other hand, are made of fabric that can resist the penetration of water but not entirely.

Based on how well you know yourself and your job, choose the feature that would be best for your truck. Regardless, having one or the other is a beneficial feature for any seat cover.

Ultraviolet Protection

As we mentioned above, UV damage can be a serious problem. If you live in a climate that enjoys warm and sunny weather year-round, UV protection is a feature you don’t want to pass up. Custom seat covers with this feature are guaranteed to stay looking great for years to come.

Form-Fitting Construction

The latest technology in custom seat covers offers a form-fitting construction. What this means is that your covers will fit your seats like a glove. The technology in the fabric will allow it to mold to the shape and form of your seats. This is a great feature for those wanting to preserve the original look of their trucks.

Weather-Adaptive Material

Another climate-related feature to look out for is adaptability. If you live in an area that receives all types of weather year-round, this is a feature you’re going to want. Custom seat covers with weather adaptability will provide you warmth in the wintertime. During the hot summer months, these covers will remain cool. If you appreciate temperate comfort on your drives, this is the feature for you.

Different Heavy-Duty Seat Covers

Now that we have discussed what you want to protect your truck against and the features you should look for, we can dive into the different heavy-duty materials that are best for your work truck. Below you will find the different series of covers we carry and a description of each. Here at Fia, Inc., we offer two options, universal or custom fit truck seat covers. No matter which option you choose, you’re guaranteed reliability with Fia’s covers.

Wrangler Series Original

These seat covers are made of authentic saddle blanket material. Their advanced design creates a state-of-the-art custom interior. It’s available in a black, gray, or brown saddle blanket style. Because of its many features and benefits, these covers are ideal for industrial use. Other features include:

  • Weather adaptability: cool in summer, warm in winter
  • Wear-resistant fabric

Wrangler Series Solid

The solid series carries the same benefits as the original series. However, for a more updated look, these covers come in solid colors (gray or black). They provide dependable features for all work needs.

Seat Protector Series

This series is made from custom-grade polyester fabric. Its double-stitched design provides you with durability that’s built to last. The colors available are black, gray, and taupe. Other features to this series include:

  • Full ultraviolet protection
  • Water-resistant fabric with waterproof vinyl backing for extra protection
  • Form-fitting wraparound design that will mold to your seat’s natural contours

OE Series

Made of tweed fabric, our original equipment (OE) series is meant to provide you with a car seat cover option that can preserve the original look of your truck. They come in three different color options: gray with a light center panel and dark side panel, charcoal with a charcoal center panel and black side panel, and taupe with a taupe center panel and mocha side panel. The OE Series includes the following features:

  • Padded back supports for comfort
  • Form-fitting wraparound design that will mold to your seat’s natural contours
  • Highly durable, abrasion-resistant OE fabric
  • Lightfast, colorfast, and flame-resistant materials
  • Weather adaptability: cool in summer, warm in winter

You’ll be able to pick the right seat cover material for your work truck using the guide we provided above. And for all your other vehicle protection needs, check out our website. Here at Fia, Inc., we carry a wide range of products that will prolong the looks and life of your vehicle.

Picking the Right Seat Cover Material for Your Work Truck

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